Blender 3d Helicopter camera tracking

Hi everybody!


Info: Shot on Canon HV30 - Tracked with Icarus - Model downloaded from - Sound effects downloaded from - Animated, rendered and composited in Blender 2.48

I post this video to get feedback so I can get better at this. Please tell me what’s good and what’s bad. My main goal is to be able to composite cgi onto real world footage with a photorealistic result - Mainly for effects on film.

ezpRado, Norway

wow u using voodoo?

Ionee: Icarus for cameratracking.

Good helicopter animation, good matchmoving and good sound track.

Beside the helicopter that has to be textured, I think that you could make the trees and grass move.
You could create a wind effect by creating several layers in the landscape and animate the video texture in the node compositor, with warp texture or something similar. You could also include in your scene some 3d modeled trees that could be really animated.

Thanks ROUBAL!

I thought of making the surrounding vegetation move but I didn’t quite know how… Your tip on using a warp texture sounds great but I don’t really see what you mean…:slight_smile: And as I’m pretty new to Blender new techniques has to be explained pretty detailed…

Cooool… …It already looks very good, the matchmove is perfect (btw, what’s Icarus?)…

But if you need feedback, I’ll tell you this:

The Helicopter looks a bit “Low-Poly” maybe you could use subsurf on it to make it a little “smoother” (or you could look for a Higher-Res Mesh), & it could use a Bump Map :yes: .
The surface looks a little grainy, I’d recomend you just use enough well-placed lamps instead of AO (or maybe HDRI). & you could tweak the shaders a bit to make it look more metallic. (btw, it looks like there are some “artifacts” in the windows at the end :confused: ).
Usually when a helicopter lands, it raises a lot of dust, maybe you could simulate it with particles :slight_smile: .

Other than that looks great :wink: .

Thanks Paragon!

First Icarus is a 3d camera tracking application. It’s free for non commercial use. But it’s quite old and slow but results are often good!

Second the Helicopter - as I mentioned is a downloaded model modeled in 3d Studio max and imported as .3ds into Blender. Weird things happen when importing .3ds models as you can see by the artifacts and low poly look. I didn’t bother with it at this point. Maybe I will try to model one myself sometime.

I used only AAO for lighting - nothing more. And I put a plane where it lands to make shadows on the ground and Helicopter. I definitely need to learn to use more lamps instead of AO. And I need to learn good shading and texturing techniques.

Particles as dust would add a great deal of realism to this I think. I’ll see if I will add it or just move on to a new scene. My way of learning is to make the next scene better than the last one:-)

It’s great to hear your thoughts and I will use them to keep evolving!