Blender 3D in Game Mods?

If I model a weapon in blender, would I be able to put this or make it into a game mod for a game like half-life or something? How would I do this?

well, you would have to make it the same format that HL uses. I don’t know that format then from what i know about other Game engines you would have to do some scripting and load the model into the game data. its possible but usually games like that use their own custom formats so you can’t alter or add new items.

so I can but it would be difficult?

It would be difficult, as in you would need to do some research.

I can guarantee you will not be able to just pop a .blend file into Unreal or halflife.

A lot of “freestyle” modeling goes on in here.

Also check out this stickey on compiling models:

thanks for the help