Blender 3D in Hollywood?

Blender 3d is great but i have a doubt that why in hollywood movies they not using blender 3d? why professionally for feature film they not using blender 3d?
Please anybody?

3dartist mag, says 3ds max and maya where used in some hollywood films eg. transformers.

i know pixar uses maya, renderman and slim

Generally, established vfx houses have spent a lot of money on 3d software before Blender was up for the challenge. It’s an easy business decision to keep your current 3D software updated [between projects] instead of shelving it for a free alternative, because it’s cheaper to upgrade than suffer the loss in productivity that either retraining your staff or recruiting new staff that can use the new software straight away, will take.

That said, I know of established big players that are looking at dev. builds of 2.5 and exploring and experimenting with it.

because 3dsmax is good, blender is bad

because of the gui: 3dsmax gui is good, blender gui is bad

but… because of YOU? you, who dont make any professional works with blender?

Most of professional blender users are freelance are small studios. In fact, big hollywood studios like pixar, dreamworks animation, blue sky studio use commercial softwares (mainly maya) since long time. And even if maya license is very expensive, it is cheeper to stay with because change for blender is not so free : You have to train all studio teem, recruit trainers, re-develope home plugins (Pixar use a home studio version of maya for example).

And actually, not enough professional artists use blender for studio.

For a freelance, it is easier to change his software because he depend only of himself. For small studio, training program is not so expensive because the number of studio artists are not so hight, so changing for Blender is interesting. And Ton said in an interview that actually, blender was developed mainly for independents artists and small studios.

anyway if you want a 3ds max result you’l have to work longer.

Personally, in my professional formation, I study 3ds Max and Maya mainly. And I didn’t like 3ds Max (I don’t use it today)… The software I prefer to use is Blender (of course!), and then Maya. But no 3ds !

The reality is that colleges aren’t teaching Blender, so the amount of people that are trained in it are lower. The established businesses want to pay for something. There is a discomfort with something that is free for many businesses. For one, no support. Secondly, worries about product ownership and procurement. Adobe did a study on this for ColdFusion, because they wanted to give it away for free. Found out that they would lose business!

I’m a proffessional who work with blender in big television compagny, and I love it. If you live in canada you see my stuff on the tv but you won’t notice it’s done in blender. I think with what’s going on with the economy alot of proffesionnal will turn open source but you won’t really notice it.

(sorry for my english i’m french canadian)

Endi, you’re answering a question the OP didn’t ask. Please re-read the first post.

There were questions asked in that post? Seems like statements with question marks to me:confused:

“why professionally for feature film they not using blender 3d?”

Not the most perfect grammar but I took that line as a question.

Maybe it’s not exactly Hollywood, but Blender sees some decent professional action. At the studio I work for, I use Blender almost daily to create product animations for QVC and Home Shopping Network, which get seen by a large number of people around the US. I also know I am not alone in this, there are a few people here who are making decent money and producing work that gets seen frequently. As people before me have mentioned, this is an option a small studio can pursue- if I had a team of 20 3D artists however, we’d be sticking with what they know how to use.

Not to worry though, Blender is coming into its’ own. You’ll see it being used more and more frequently as people learn it.

Well, isn’t that the aim of the Durian project? Make the next version of Blender production-ready? I assume this includes Hollywood.

As far as the current version, probably the right person who could answer this is the guy who just published a book on compositing in Blender.

Its not just that studios use Maya, but their proprietary plugins are only written for Maya (or Houdini, Softimage, etc, <insert any 3D platform really>). The logistics to port all their in-house tools over to any other 3D platform would take a lot of time. Hollywood and her studios are not known for patience and they have little time for a transition process of that magnitude.

Additionally its not so much of an issue of going to another 3D application, but in many cases studios don’t always update Maya since their tools may only be written for one version. My co-author and business partner was the Hair/Cloth TD on GeForce (Imageworks) and they were working in Maya 8.5 because the hair and cloth tools have not been rewritten yet to support a more current release. So if studios aren’t upgrading all their licenses to newer version because of compatability problems just imagine how difficult it would be to port to a whole new platform. What they have works so they stick with it, plain and simple.

Also Blender has not been proven yet as far as feature film production goes, outside of Orange, Peach, and some independently produced commercials nothing large scale has been done yet. Well there was the Spiderman 2 pre-viz but that doesn’t qualify as post-production You can gripe and complain about evil Autodesk and their evil products, however their products have been drug through the trenches of production on hundreds of feature films. Durian is a step in the right direction. They need to increase the complexity of these open movies to expand Blender’s capabilities and show studios that large scale production is possible. This is something that will take time and in the end it will take a studio/production house to adapt Blender and take a chance with it.

Most of the larger studios use a majority of in house standalone software, not plugins and addons.


Of course they use it, but they are not allowed to talk about…

big animation studios like dreamworks and pixar make their own software, i believe.

Big studios have big money. they just use the b.e.s.t. software available. is blender the B.E.S.T.?

i think maya, houdini and softimage are better, but for a open source programm??? my choice is BLENDER !!! =) love it! thanks to the developers!