Blender 3d + iPhone

Hey I was just wondering if it was possible to have blender on the iphone 3g? Not the apricot branch, just 2.46. I can’t find this out, since I don’t have an iPhone, but just curious. Google won’t come up with anything either.

Idk I hope that would be awesome. I could be blending everywhere but it would be kinda hard to do

Yeah I hope too because I will be getting a 3g after our move.

The best way is to run Blender remotely from your desktop. You use a VNC program:

Then you just run Blender from where you are. This means that your save files go onto your desktop and not your phone, which you’d have to jailbreak to access.

Compiling Blender natively for the iphone requires 10.5 to use the SDK and I don’t think you’re going to be able to fit the interface on that small screen. At least the VNC allows you to pan around the Blender interface.

I don’t see how even that will be usable but it’s handy if you are at work and you want to start rendering something and it will be ready when you get home.

Modeling would get very frustrating very fast, but as pointed out it would be great to start rendering remotely.
And for showing off models in 3d :wink:

Would it be possible to make a game app for the iphone on blender?

Now that may be a better idea. Not necessarily any easier than running blender itself…but the end product would be useable if properly designed, unlike blender itself on a screen that small :wink:

That would be cool. Then you could put them in the app store and sell them :wink: or give them away lol

I would just give it away.
But as for controls, the fingers are basically the mouse, right?
So maybe you could add in-game buttons and make it
mouse over+left click==>and==>whatever.
But the biggest thing would be how to actually get it on the iphone.
It would be a cool thing to test out.

Yea I would probably give it away too, but IPhones dont use regular .app or .exe files the file extension is .ipa so You’d have to convert it or something

To officially have something run on the iPhone you will have to sign up with apple and get their dev kit. This only works in OS X, so if you are running Windows or Linux, don’t even bother. I would also like to point out that you would have to write a lot from scratch. There isn’t OpenGL, python, or SDL on the iPhone, so you could do a direct port of blender or its game engine. You would have to rewrite it to use OpenGL ES. Things like scripting / runtime environments like python, ruby, or java are not allowed by the EULA, so good luck getting a python for the game engine running. You would also have to do a lot of work trimming down the engine in both memory and cpu requirements before it would run remotely well on the iPhone.

Basically, you would have to so much work to get this to work that it would be better to just write an engine for whatever game you want to make from scratch. The iPhone is different enough from personal computers that it isn’t as simple as just recompiling or even porting code. Much would have to be changed before it would even be close to working.

check this out, it’s called Itracer
now on appstore

Im so going to get that. Only $4

edit- I got it :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks like a great program. Is it only for the I-phone?

I’m getting that! That’s just purely awesome!

well its for the iphone/ipod touch
This program is awesome though. You can change the reflectivity opacity and stuff like that.

Looks kinda like a simple blender for entertainment on the move.

yea thats pretty much what it is but it is really fun.

Hackers can find out everything you have done with it.

They have released a free “Lite Version” for the poor like me.