Blender 3D lathe animation

Drilling and turning on the Monarch 10ee


Wow ,very nice.
I love how the shavings come off, very realistic.

Was this just for fun or a project?

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Really amazing. I would think that was real footage if I wasn’t looking so closely.

Just for fun. Something to keep me busy in my retirement :sunglasses:


top notch,you are showing what is possible with blender today

This is wonderful, Definitely top row quality.

Looks really great! I worked on a machine like that for 1,5 (real life). Almost the same model.

#featured! :slight_smile:

Overall well done.

The shavings could use some improvements. At that rotational speed, when drilling the inside it looks a tad off. As in they don’t seem to have enough velocity. Also the large ones are a tad… to large.

Still outside of these nickpics I love the level of modeling and textures. Nicely done.

this is so awesome, nice work

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What sorcery is this! :smile:

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Great to see here your animation cool work. :slight_smile:

Everything about the lathe and the actual animation is fantastic, the camera moves and that wall texture tend to make it seem like CG, I think locked off cameras would give it more realism, and depth of field, motion blur, etc, which add to render times. I loved how the filings fell off when they grew too long. It’s just such a beautiful piece of machinery.

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wow amazing…did u use cycles? how many samples? iif you can show your rendering settings

Nice work, interesting animation !

First of all, very cool! Nice modeling and an interesting subject. You did well and congrats on the top row entry.

I’d love to see you take this to the next level of realism and I feel obligated to give you some constructive criticism because I have a bit of experience working with a metal on an automatic lathe. I’m guessing that you do as well since you’re modeling this for fun or maybe you’re just using Blender to dream of such things. :wink: I also have a bit of experience trying to represent the operation of a machine in Blender and know it can be hard to do and that sometimes you just have to speed up parts of the process or ignore the more mundane things just for visual representation and to keep the animation from being 20,000 frames long.

While others are praising the realism of the process, for me sense of realism gets lost because I’ve seen one work and know that the whole animation time line is going too fast. The chuck speed on the first drill into the metal seems way too slow and the drill in process happens too fast. It would also generate many more shavings. Also, a tiny bit of smoke effect coming out of the boring hole would probably add a lot to the realism.

On the tapering process, I think adding a bit of variation to the shavings coming off would add a lot of realism. Just a slight change in the angle on each one and maybe one of them on a steep angle. Also a bit of smoke would help here too. Your sound effects do a lot to add to the realism, but you’re missing a tapering sound effect. If you have access to a lathe maybe you could record this sound effect or you can find it in a video online.

Another thing you could do to make the stock material seem more realistic is to change the texture a bit on the taper process. Usually stock material is unfinished and rather dull. But then when you taper the material it becomes shiny. Animating the position of a texture to move with the tapering blade may work and make the cut seem more real.

BTW, if you need help rendering, I have a bunch of points saved up on Sheepit and could help you render an updated animation.

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Wow, that is really really nice man.

I’d like to see a little cutting fluid in there too.

Excellent work, great paint colour too! I know someone who’ll love to see this :wink:

EXCELLENT!! Nice job! One thing however, I was a lathe operator on s South Bend lathe. I noticed you left out the locking of the tailstock after it was moved closer to the work.

Yeah, Frank! :smiley: