Blender 3D manipulator, please help a new comer :)

Hi there !!!

So I’m a brand new user from Blender coming from 3D max :slight_smile:
And I’m really impressed with the power of blender… Close to fall in love with it ^^

But there is one thing, that frustrated me a lot : it’s 3D manipulator. I would like to be able to move my objects on two axis at the same time with the mouse.
I know that you guys are using shortcuts like SHIFT + click etc…
But as I will work mainly in animations, it’s just horrible for me :confused:

And Jorge Rodriguez did a nice gizmo, but I can’t find it’s script any where (video at 2:17)

I tried to download his last build
But didn’t manage to get his addon to the last build.

If you guys have any ideas…
Thanks alot !


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The manipulator you’re looking for doesn’t exist in any official Blender build that I know of.

Out of curiosity, what does working with animations have to do with making the Shift+click so unsavory for you?

Sorry for the wrong place :")

Thanks for yor quick answer Fweeb. Yeah I saw that it wasn’t implemented in any builds :frowning:

Haha it’s just that when you come from a different software, you loose a lots of marks.
And I’m currently trying to customize blender to be as close as I like : Maya shortcut (better than 3ds max shortcut for me IMO), changing the interface, colors etc…
I think, that an improved gizmo would be a great feature, for new peoples like me :slight_smile:

If you click inside the circle the manipulator arrows poke out of, you can move the object anywhere in the view plane. so if you are in front view, you can move anywhere on the x or z axes, in side view anywhere on the y and z axes, top view will give you the x and y axes. What you are looking for is built in… no special gizmos required :smiley:

maybe I’m missing something, but if you press G key ( with the desired object selected), or RMC over the object, in an “ortographic view”, your object will move in two axis at the same time!

Thank you every body for answering me :slight_smile:

Yes, it works unless you are in the perspective view T_T
I understand it can be strange for you… Because you already have your own workflow in blender :slight_smile:

With 3DSMax’s manipulator gizmo, iirc, different parts light up when you hover your mouse over areas of the gizmo, giving you an indication of how your object will move when you click and drag. In Blender, if you click on the gizmo’s arrow and drag, the object will move constrained to that axis, if you click inside the circle you can drag it in more than one dimension, but it is still constrained to the picture plane or view plane. In order to use this behavior to constrain the motion to specific axes, you need to be in the correct view.

What you don’t get is the abilitty to constrain the motion to two arbitrary axes when you are NOT in a top, side or front view, using the gizmo. However, this is easily done using Shift+axis, where you select the axis that will N,OT be affected.

Quite frankly, rattle-snake, most experienced Blenderheads turn the manipulator gizmo off, since it clutters up the view and gets in the way. You’ll notice that if you watch a lot of Blender tutorials made by experienced users… they will turn the manipulator on in the beginning, but hem and haw and eventually turn it off so they can get the modeling speed Blender is famous for.

Using Blender requires both hands: one hand on the mouse, one hand on the keyboard. You cannot Blend and smoke at the same time. :eyebrowlift:

Orinoco, your detailed answer is just perfect ! that is summing up everything !

I agree that with the SHIFT key + “exept axis” in perpective view, it works… but it is not very convenient i think.

Well maybe with the time and the practice I will also hide completely the Gizmo :slight_smile:

I have to say that I enjoy more and more the community ! A lots of answers in a small amount of time. It is really awesome.
Thank you guys very very much :smiley:

3D Manipulator (gizmo) is good for sliding verts along the normal. Good for rotating bones instead of constantly RXX and RYY to rotate on the bone’s normal. Frees up the shortcut hand for other duties when needed (food drink smoke, wakeup face-slapping, etc).

Of course as usual the best method is to use all as needed. I use manipulator and shortcuts both all the time. I shift-click multiple manipulator handles on as needed. Alt Space to switch orientation. Ctrl Space to switch the manipulator on and off as needed to see what I’m doing.

3D manipulator widget with toggled multi-axis handles would come in handy I’m sure.

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Totally agree with you Larry !
What about face slapping ? hahahahahaha

Well if someone have an idea, or have seen a solution, it will be nice to share that with us ^^

Thank you larry :slight_smile: