blender 3D objects CD?

I have been looking for some good professional quality models I can import into blender and play around with. I tried many of the sites with free blender models but the quality is generally lacking (good, but not great). I also tried to download a bunch of .3ds models but none of them would import into blender properly (most just gave an ‘invalid 3ds file’ type error).

So after all that I am now looking to buy pro-quality blender models, preferably on a CD or DVD I can buy.

By the way, cars (Japanese) and large complex cities are top on my list of wanted models for blender.

Hello there,
I might have a few modles you could play around with,
have a look at the still renders

the .blend files have animations as well


If you have some .blend files I can play around with, please post links to them here.


Here is a link to a few of my projects, and the blend files that made them
have fun and keep blending

Give you email address, I will give you one blend file.