Blender 3d on PS3

Hey all,
I’ve installed YDL on my PS3 to see how fast blender could run on it.
But with my lak of experiance with Linux ( its my first time )
I just dont know how to install/start blender3d on a Linux OS.
Can someone plz help me with this problem i’m realy exited to see blender 3d running on a PS3 and a HD screen :cool:
Greetz Patjo

I’d guess you’d have to compile it yourself, because the architecture is so different.

Do you know how to compile stuff? Have you ever done it before? Fine if not, just wanted to gauge how to put this :slight_smile:

Hm… Blender and PS3?
It can run the game engine?

compiling is not fun :frowning:

just download the static verson of blender, and unzip it…

Just to encourage you it has been done. You will need to download the PPC version I believe
I hope to do this in the future if I get a PS3. Hopefully they will release one with more ram because it is the biggest limting factor for Blender on the PS3 or maybe just a way reallocate the video ram…

just download the static verson of blender, and unzip it…

But which version? Will the ppc version work or do you need to compile for the cell? I’m certain YDL had to be compiled especially for the cell.

well, cell is built on top of/includes a ppc so i guess it will work, but a special port/enhaced version would probably do better, i think… havent tested though, as i dont own a ps3 :frowning:

I don’t know how much this is usable with blender, however it seems that PS3 has its own “nvidia-gelato-like” renderer, they’re telling about 0,20 seconds for a 720x576 frame and 1 second to render a frame in 1080p (1920x1080).
(yes, they’re talking about a 4 console mesh generating 576i in real time and 30-ps3-mesh to generate 1080p in real time , with a 1,6 Million triangles scene, reflections,refractions,shadows and 4x supersampling , that you can see in this pdf)

Here in italian (images with the test scene for above timings!) :
(video links at bottom of the page)

and here the original IBM link :

All this seems awesome, let’s wait for some external review (I still haven’t understood if this renderer
is renderman compatible, if it is then I’ll probably buy a ps3 in days, after that someone has confirmed these times)

Jeepster, you just had alot of problems compiling Blender in the first place :slight_smile: Compiling Blender is simple!

I looked on terrasolutions web site and they have links for 3rd party apps. And there was a link to fedora rpms I assume work with Yellowdog. And in there they have blender. I did a little research doesnt look like they have found away to use the graphics memory yet so I until PS3 can get more memory I will be limted in what it can do with blender. Until we can an external renderer that will work.
Edit: wow great link I didnt realize that they had release a demo that you can use. Nice. Would be nice to build a plugin to work with the new render api

reading more on the ibm web site:
Looks like the memory limits to render 800K triangles.

Considering the fact that 3D Accelaration on the PS3 under Linux is a no-go. You could probably only use it as a render node.

I think the Blender game engine will be a great thing on PS3.

I read that they greatly increased the open gl mesa so that it run rather quick. Not so quick I am sure as a nice 3d graphics card. But I think that the main limtation is the memory. I have never found out if the YDL runs more than 2 cores. I think that it does. But I am not sure how that works with Blender. I hope that someday I might use a PS3 as a nice render farm.