Blender 3d printing animation

Hi everyone,
Today I’m sharing a short animation I made of a 3d printer printing Blender. I modeled and textured the scene in Blender some weeks ago and decided to revisit the project for animation. Still image rendered in cycles and the animation is in cycles too (250samples). I made the animation fast and snappy (3d printers won’t print that fast).
This was fun making and I am glad with the final result. I didn’t get to animate the wires yet using hooks and I didn’t bother building the rest of the 3d printer that would not be in focus. I built a simple rig using empties with constraints for animating.

final render image

short animation compressed

clay render

wire frame render

viewport closeup of the 3d printer

viewport showing rig controls


If only 3D printers were that fast…

Nice work! :smiley:

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Thanks. That would be cool. Some time in the near future 3d printing would be much faster.

Great work, congrats.

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thank you :slight_smile:

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Definitely a good start.

Question, are you going for more “realism” for the 3d printer?

I own 2 3d printers and i do have few recomendations if you’d like to hear.

Thanks. I wasn’t going for realism with this animation. Just some type of motion graphic look(quick and snappy). I experimented with a more realistic approach and had the print with the web like grid inside but I took it out and made it a quick animation for now.
I can always develop it to be more realistic and would love to hear your recommendations.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much. Enjoy your weekend!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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First and foremost, Congrats on being featured. Well deserved.

With regards to improvement ideas, the main thing is the tube should be stuck on one side, and deform when the head moves.

Smaller ting is the fan would be spinning earlier on, the extruder gets hot quickly, in excess of 200*c (depending on material used) so to not melt the unit, fan is almost always on.

The rest looks very good.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I never knew about the fan being on all the time. As for the wire, you are right about that. I would take these points into consideration for making a realistic animation of this scene.

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Pretty cool. A little over a year old but curious if you’re still around how you created that layering effect? I tried dynamic painting which was flaky and geometry nodes but couldn’t figure out how to grow the object from noting to the full object.

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Great work!!!

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Thanks. I used the booleans on the letters. Three Boolean objects with difference operation are animated with the movement of the pin. Animating from the base upwards to display the Blender letters when it is not intersecting. For this to look good you’ll have to ensure your words have a good topology with some thickness. Probably scale the letters inward a bit as a duplicate.