Blender: 3d software of the students

What do you think? Is this true?
Most of the Blender users are students. After the scool they will not use Blender in work.
Because of this there only few serious Blender users.

I use Blender.

All my students use Maya.

Haha! That’s great. I really can’t understand how someone could ever stop using Blender. It seems like it would be easier to stop smoking. I stopped smoking over three years ago, well tobacco anyway. Quitting Blender would probably kill me.

It’s true that it’s the software of students. I would like to use Blender wherever i can for work.

I use blender for work in my own little company. :stuck_out_tongue: doing projects for companies… I used 3DS max before, but after following from version 2.42 I don’t ever really want to switch back to max again. Blender is good for any kind of work, all the open-projects is proof of that… :smiley:

Kind regards

Any facts to back up your statement that blender is the software of students? How many students are taught blender? How many are taught maya? How many students taught blender go on to use blender? How many students taught maya go on to use maya? How many students are taught maya or blender and end up working at a gas station?

Instead of asking stupid questions, look for real statistics. The results would probably be more accurate than asking this question…


Students are not serious blender users? We are all students of the master, endi!

I think you should get outside just a little more often.

I think the main problem is the mentality in some ( i hope so ) Blender user here who really dissaponit me.

We have to show what Blender can do to our stundents .
I’m really thinking to teach Blender for modeling eventhought i didn’t know too much the program to show in my country that Blender can do great things, in the teacher guides them to the right direction.
Here we are discuss about to do a competition to join every Blender artist User to do the best modeling that can be the first step to show abilities , and earn more Knowledge and everyone Win

I hope it can be true ,

I’m encouraged to use blender in Class, they just say as a matter of course I have to learn Maya

I bet you didn’t realize that endi is a real master. No, I’m not being sarcastic. He is better than most people here in BlenderArtists.

I don’t know about the situation in other countries but my main goal is to show the students that they can do their own company to use a great tool like Blender being free :rolleyes:.

A joke. I know endi is very good. On the other hand, I don’t think it is fair to imply that students cannot do serious work.

We teach Blender as an alternative tool for certain tasks but it cannot replace
the requirement for Maya, and that is the same with everybody else I know
who teaches in 3D animation with the goal to get the graduates towards film

The job requirement asks for Maya and not teaching a student in that software
and limiting yourself to Blender would be unethical. I am not sure if Pixar or
BlueSky studio cares about your Blender skill.

I can perfectly see Blender for multi media students and those 3D fields which
do not need such a powerful tool like Maya.

That is a simple job market question.

Yup, Blender has only a handful of serious users,like Endi. :rolleyes:It must be hard for Endi to survive with all the unprofessionals, students, beginners, etc.


sorry, double post

That’s for all the apps but Blender is multiplataform that’s the reason i use Blender give me more things to do than any other app can do :rolleyes:

The main goal is to show the students that they can do their own company without the necesity to hope that one of this film studios look for their services:rolleyes:

How a said before i don’t care to enter this Big studios.
If i have my own company :wink:

HEHEHE I don’t necessity Maya if i have a great tool like BLENDER :yes::yes:

Perhaps we could settle the blender/Maya issue once and for all by recompiling the blender source with a new splash screen that reads Maya instead?


what works fine for you others or me does not in a long run
also apply for everybody else and the majority of the market.

And there is a big difference between major studios, mid range studios,
small design teams, and freelancers.

One cannot just generalize for each market area.

The two basic things that prevents professionals from using Blender is

  1. Blender crashes A LOT, which is pretty unacceptable for serious work.
  2. The major 3D apps are being released once a year with all features fully implemented, Blender is constantly being updated but every update is only minor from the last. You can’t go “It was delayed because Bmesh is not here yet” on a serious job.

That being said, I love Blender. I used to be a serious 3Ds Max user before but I have gotten so addicted to Blender that I can’t go back to Max (I seriously can’t)