Blender 3D Stereo monitor support ?

Does anybody know if with the current Blender 2.58 Stereo Monitor Support is on the plan or possible?

For example inside the 3D Edit view - the classic Red/Blue would work.

I tried looking for it via Google but did not find anything informative.


I’d imagine it would be possible to do in the viewport as the game engine has the ability to do a range of stereo rendering techniques, one of them being anaglyph.

Well it works in the Game Engine but it would be great to be able to use it in the normal 3D viewport as well.

I think it should be quite doable with double buffering.
Render the viewport from one viewport camera, tint it cyan, store in backbuffer, render the viewport from the other camera, tint it magenta, composite in the backbuffer, swap front/backbuffer.
Never tried it though… I guess Nathan is the right address for that.

For shutter Stereo3d it would be difficult.
“Basically” all you need to do is to switch the viewport cameras position 120 times per second, enable vsynch and synch the image to a shutter device :wink:
But then again, while Stereo 3D works fine with all nvidia cards and DirectX, IIRC the Stereo3D in OpenGL only works with Quadro Cards. Nvidia made sure that you pay dearly if you want to use it. We got Premiere and AfterEffects Plugins to cut video directly in Stereo, only works with a Quadro.
So I guess if someone´s to do it, go ahead, but I doubt BF is willing to support a feature proprietary to hardware.

I´d have to dig in my bookmarks, not long ago I posted an FOSS library that should be able to enable Stereo3D hardware independent, leaves you with the problem to synch to a shutter device.

The BF supports only CUDA if I am not mistaken in Cycles (for the gpu part) so I don’t think there are ethical problems in supporting it.

Brecht wrote Cycles with CUDA as 3rd party addon renderer and the plan is to implement OpenCL to make it hardware independent.
Just because Cycles will most likely replace BI and because Brecht wrote it for CUDA does not imply the BF now wants to support proprietary hardware in the official versions.