blender 3d strange

im use and training blender 3d version 2.65 work without drivers cant work on my intrgrated graphics :VIA Chrome9 HC IGP 256 mb ram and processor are minimal setings when i try use blender on my drivers it always crash how fix it can blender be inly used on dx:confused:

Integrated graphics and low ram is not really suitable for modern intense graphics software like blender.

for say im dont joke my screens

I think you can also update your graphics drivers, just see if that helps because updating the drives can also help. :smiley:
It is kind of blind experiment. :stuck_out_tongue: So before doing don’t just think that it will work 100%. :).

Also if you can do , download CPUz Software , it will show us all you computer hardware detail, than post the screen shot here it will help other users more when they see you full computer configuration. :slight_smile:

for my card there not new drivers :smiley:

you might , if you don’t plan on upgrading to a real PC,(:p) consider downloading an older version of blender that isn’t quite as demanding on your system

working version is 2.49 im dont have money to new pc :spin: