Hello everyone, First of all i have nothin against Blender 3d.:smiley: I was just wondering about C4d and if it was better than blender 3d.I have been researching on animation software and i often come across C4d,i have read alot of reviews which state that C4D is a great software.I have also visited alot of galleries and i am really impressed of the software however it is pretty expensive considering i am only not very rich ).My question is,Is C4D a proffesional animation software and is it better than Blender?(whould you rather have blender3d or C4D?)

Any replies are greatly appreciated!

C4D certainly has some nice looking pictures attached to it but it also has a nice price tag (approx $500 if im not mistaken which is possible because i only spent 5min searching on google) the quality of images is pretty impressive although i wasnt able to find any extreame photorealistic images in my little search.
on blenders positive side similar images have been obtained using blender but with a considerabally smaller pricetag.
essentially which program you choose will depend on your skill level, your need for higher order functions and your suitablility to certain types of workflow.
my suggestion is to try blender out because it costs you nothing to try if you find it is not very suitable to you then explore your options again.

(note; im 18 and dont have many funds and this is why i innitially started using blender, i tried it 4 years ago liked it then stuck with it)

Links:thank you very much for your insight you have pretty anwsered one of my questions fully.But i already am using blender and had no intention to buy C4D.:stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you anyways

ditto on the poor college student status. i Havent used other software with the exception of AutoCAD and i can say that at least for right now there is enough depth in Blender to keep you occupied for a very long time and if you want something to get yourself started its worth the investment.

Ive found also that commercial software (except photoshop) have a lacking community and Blender has a massive online community and resources.

oh and another note. Dont go on message boards and start your message with your age. Its stupid kids like that that puts myspace on the news because some psycho pedophile hunted down the user.

Bigalexe:thank you for your anwser, and also for the note,i wont do that again!

As C4D is “Made in Germany” i´ll have to “add my mustard” (Lübke-english:rolleyes:):
I tried C4D a couple of years ago, before i learned of Blender. It REALLY sucked on Vertex editing so i never considered using it seriously. Well i guess it (must) have improved in the meantime growing somewhat more mature BUT Blender does generate Realtime-executables and you can mix movies with the 3d-stuff.
Apart from that i don´t see any reason to shell out big money for some software which gets hyped a lot without really offering some additional value. Maybe the Bodypaint part is worth some extra bucks for realtime 3D people like me. Ppl using mainly rendering techniques might however feel different.
Just my 2 cents.

I switched from C4D 8.5 to Blender. They both have their pluses and minuses. I would say that modeling in Blender is easier but textures and materials are way easier in C4D. Plus C4D has BodyPaint wich makes applying materials that much easier.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Blender, but you have to admit that trying to get the hang of materials and textures in Blender is about as enjoyable as a trip to the Dentist.

Why did I switch? That’s easy - COST! I don’t know where Links got $500.00 for C4D. The real cost of C4D is more like $4000.00 U.S. if you want the full package!! And the prices are going up once ver 10 ships.

Some will say that C4D doesn’t have fluids (which is true) but C4D has an AWSOME hair module along with Clothide and MoGraph. It’s a pretty slick package. Just wish I could afford it. :frowning:

Bottom line is that you could debate ALL DAY on the differences between the 2 packages. What one has, the other lacks. For now, I’ll stick with Blender 'till I make my first Million! LOL!!! :smiley:

Well - I didn’t upgrade to v7 on time and - this is it.
Btw. it’s easier to hack something in python than in coffee imo. ymmv.

Another option is Animation Master from, goes quite well as a companion to Blender and student price is 199.00 USD, with no restrictions Spline/resolution independent modeler and animation tool. Most recent version has great hair features. Also added OpenEXR compositing features, though not as thorough as blender. It complements Blender currently because it has great character animation tools, including reusable motion libraries and other stuff. Their radiosity renderer is not as good as some others though. Great tool if you are in to Japanese style animation, with some great preset features. Has very capable toon shader over all. Lots more to say, but you can go to and ask questions at the user forum. Blender and A:M make for a pretty powerful set of tools. Animation Master/ is a family owned and operated business, not some big corporate monolith. Also, like any sophisticated 3d software, it takes time to learn and get good at it.

Not slamming AM, but in what way does it make a good companion app? The biggest complaint (from AM users themselves) is that working in AM is like “working on an island”. The Hash patch way of modeling makes it pretty much incompatible with all the poly modelers out there. (You can import stuff as ‘props’ but your characters will need to be done in Hash splines.)

Additionally, you then can’t get anything out (other than rendered files), which means you can’t even take advantage of Blender’s unlimited render node capability.

Unless you make the mistake of mentioning any type of crash or problem with the program, in which case you’ll find yourself banned from the forum. It’s happened a lot (at least in the past - not sure anymore as I don’t hang around there.)

a lot has changed over the past couple of years. They have a dedicated bug reporting forum (A:M reports) and it’s a lot more tolerant. But they still don’t allow trolls and shills to hijack threads. I remember when the guy who ran the mailing list was sort of nazi when it came to complaints by users, but that is not the case anymore. It is an island of sorts, but they have improved their export and import options and offer an SDK (not perfect, but at least something). No reason you couldn’t output content in various 2d formats and bring them into the Blender compositing module or other tools. Sorry I wasn’t more specific on that. I was also thinking of outputting from both to after effects or something similar. Capitalize on the strengths of both. I would like to recommend Jahshaka for that scenario, but not sure if it’s stable enough to use in production. Anyway, sorry for any confusion I created.

I have only this experiance with AM to offer:
though I have never used it, I have 5 friends [art majors] who switched from Animation Master to blender. when I asked them why they all said about the same thing: “Animation Master sucks when it’s put next to Blender”
now once again I have no experiance with AM so I can only repeat what I hear.

WOW havent checked this thread for awhile,but lots of feed back!THIS FORUM RULES!!!:cool:

I’m sure I could find 5 working professionals who would say the reverse and I have used both and both are great when used within their limits.

It was just a suggestion, not trying to start an us vs them tirade.

Please, what zeke said.