Blender 3D ;)

This is blender ;). Model made in Wings, renders in blender 2.23. Now I’m working on making it ind Yafray, Powray or Aqsis. With Yafray I have done a little, but I still don’t know how to set up the texture to be not tiled. If any one knows ples replay me an answer. Thanks.

PS: Renders.

nice play of words, a blender lol!

wow, that’s really nice. I love the soft shadows. Is there some radiosity in that as well? One thing though, something not quite right with the see through plastic part. Not sure what it is, but it doesn’t look quite right. (nor it’s shadow)

Very nice render. The more I look at it the more I like it.

Good modeling. I would only suggest tweaking the bevel on the counter top, and improving the bevel in the corner where the walls meet. I love the blender model and the contour of the base.

Good lighting and shadow. I would like to see you tint the light. Reproducing Real World Light is tough but could make this look even better.

Textures and materials are great. Good job on the pseudo-glass. I love the wood texture on the counter. It has a great bump map also. It looks like real wood to me. The blender’s materials are also very good. I would like to see a sharper looking blade. Maybe tighter specular higlights and a reflection map? Great close up of the LED display. Way to go.

Excellent use of Blender’s powerful scanline renderer. With that said, either one of the raytracers will take care of the glass and metal once you export the scene. But even if you never change a thing on this, great job. Lookig forward to more from you.

That is a beautiful render. The lighting is fantastic. Some of the best lighting I have seen in the scanliner. Can you show us, or advise us on the setup?


great lighting and texturing (I love the wood).

Hmm. Thank’s a lot for your attencion and suggestions. Now questions:

Kinga- there is no radiosity. The plastic part - I also don’t know what is wrong but I still make some developement od that

ec2- some improvements with your suggestions on the bottom, thanks for all comments

BgDM - maybe I will write a tutorial who knows.

And ofcourse new render:


No problem.

I think the new bevels on the counter still needs adjustment. It disappears as it goes towards the light. I liked the bump mapping on the counter in your first render better.

Regarding the bevel on the wall, I went into the break room here at work for reference. The glint seems acurate according to what I saw. How about wall paper?

Nice job. Keep working.

its modeled in wings3d? doesnt help blender much… but its nice
how much post?