Blender 3D's computor index base score?

Hi -

not sure if thsi is the right area for this thread but here goes.

I’m new to Vista and one thing i noticed in digging in while repairing the current comp i’m on is the Windows Prefomance app - which gives your computer a base score - scores your computors preformance so you know what apps you can saftly run, as well, gives you the oportunity to see the weak link in you computer, whether it is memory or as in my case the GPU.

Giving comps a base score is a good thing imo - and if Microsoft is taking the front line on this and setting the mark - so be it. It gives end users, including myself, as well as software devlepors a guideline. Makes it easier to see whether of not an application will be able to run full throttle or not at all or with limits.
Or int he case of developers, whether it limits the type users computer there app will run on or what type it would need.

I don’t know if this basescore thing is new or not - but i like it. it simplifies things for all parties concerned.

That said, i’m now checking to see what apps i can saftley run - which i can run with no problem - which i’ll be limited on - which i can’t run at all.

Blender 3D is one of them…

my question? - What is Blender 3D win2.49a’s base index score requirement?

and expected to be for 2.5?


and for those wondering - my gpu pulled my comps base index rating down from a 5.9/5.0 to 3.3

Soo many spelling errors…

I dont know crap about any index base score, but blenders performance depends on what kinda model you are working with, sculpt model with lots of details or some low-poly game model.
So this kinda profiling is pretty much pointless.

Well microsoft may have included a benchmark (nothing new really) application, but it’s dreadfull, A Q6600 @ 2.4GHz, 6GB DDR2 (1600MHz), GTX 260 896MB (216 core), XFX Nvidia based Mobo, SATAII 7,200RPM 160GB (OS/ apps), 500GB SATAII (storage), scored 4.5, now this is just to run windows, that’s what it is benching it against, to see if it’s capable of running Vista… Or as they call it, the Vista experience. Now if that system there isn’t at the top of the list then there is something wrong, yes, it’s a little out dated in some aspects (RAM, CPU), but the specs are getting stupid for running software nowadays (granted some apps do justify it, however Vista… Or any OS does not).

Blender will run on pretty much any platform and hardware, you could probably run it on an old P486, 32MB RAM, 2MB graphic card and get some use out of it.

Instead of operating system in-built reports, you can simply use your own nature-given observational capabilities. Run Blender:

  • if it doesn’t lag, it works well
  • if it lags, it works bleh
  • if it’s somewhere in between then it’s so-so.

And yes, it depends on what you’ll be using it for, so it’s impossible to make a report to cover all usage cases.

lol - well i never professed to be a typist - and the Blender Artists forum will log you out if you attempt or take too long to proof read and correct typo’s.

but mostly - that is so lame - and old

  • the crap about someones spelling or typ-o’s is about as weak a responsse as anyone can give - and quite honestly - pointless

threads are usually not started about typ-o’s nor is this one
Typ-os’/grammer have nothing to do with the seriousness of the person writing or the topic of discussion.
I would hope that the Blender Artists forum as well as many other forums have graduated beyond such an old has-been retort.

I suck at typing - and openly admit it.
I took typing in school only because myself and many others were hot for teacher - she was smokin hot too boy! whew!
I have sticky keys on this particular comp which isn’t mine further more if you need explaination of typ-o’s and the keys can’t keep up with my typing as is andi have to re-type alot.

Now if your thought pattern when reading the original post is of grammer and proof reading for typo’s… well… i don’t know what to say really.

as for the topic of discussion - Blenders index base score

if you don’t knwo what it is - howcan you possibly pass a sound let alone educated judgement?

simply put - you can’t!
so please - save the typo retort for the kiddy forums - i’m not in the mood for it one. and i’m sure the kiddy forums will feel the same.

If you’d like further info on the Base scorign for comps - ask - i’d be happy to post a link or someone else would i’m sure.

damn man… gotta deal with this crap too? here at Blender Artists?

The base index for blender is probably something around 0.1. You can run blender on just about anything.

The problem with this measurement is that I am currently lagging my computer working with sculpting and I have a score of 5.9, the highest score you can get. The reason behind this is I am working with objects that have 1.3 million verts.

There is no good base index for blender but I would think your comp would do just fine.

Spelling and grammer (sp?) is necessary for others to read your posts. You don’t need to be perfect but you do need to be readable. I don’t see why BlenderArtists is logging you out while proofreading but if you push space every once in a while it shouldn’t log you out as it dosn’t log you out while typing long posts.

Hope that answers you questions.


Well - i have an older comp my Dell - and it certainly can not run Blender
not 2.4 and up anyway.

it has an integrated grphics card and sound card which ain’t squat.

I can open it up - but - in just modeling Make-Human - let alone rendering

  • it fails misserably.

hence the base scores - and i do agree -todays apps are requireing more and more power - to truly function.

I can run Premiere - get it to open up or After Effects and get it to open up on my Dell - but try and use it… no way.

Hence i ask about blender 2.49a needed comp base score.
Now if windows base score is based on good or bad measurements i don’t know .
But i do see value in having a sytem like it. or even windows system of indexing a personal comp based with OS installed adn of course running.

It gives good guidelines to the user and imo to developers such as Blender Dev team to perhaps streamline an app so more people based on an index score can truly utilize the application. Be it Blender 3D or any other app.

Tke for instance the comp i’m working on (fixing) right now with a base line index score of 3.3 despite what is running - 3.0 is the best i an expect to run using another app.

If Blender requires with OS - a base index of 4.0 to truly use it - not be disappointed that i can’t use this feature or that feature - then i know i need to either upgrade a particualr piece of hardware or get another comp or do away with that feature of the app.

Maybe its animation or gaming - maybe its only Modeling i ccan do with it at XYZ index score…

Blender and other aps could give a basse line score depending on what is being done…

say 3.0 for modeling
4.0 for animation or 4.5 fo gaming
5.0 for high poly modeling etc etc etc

I personally think it is quite a stupid idea to give the ratings. It is just marketing bullshit from Microsoft. They want you to think that it is necessary to have 4 GB RAM to run an operating system, and since other platforms omit this index, it breeds FUD among possible customers.

Quite frankly, any well-made program should have the ability to scale to its deployment, so it makes the most efficient use of your computer be it 10 years old, or top-of-the-line. Luckily Blender is one of these applications.

To the contrary, if you’re not willing to take the time to clearly communicate to other people in a forum, then why should they be willing to take the time to think about an answer? Not everyone here speaks English as their native language, so if you want to be understood, it’s in your best interest to write as clearly as possible, using proper spelling and grammar standards. Respect your audience and the audience will respect you. Furthermore, the BA forum is actually pretty good about maintaining state. So if you take a long time and do get logged out, you just have to log back in and everything you wrote will still be there for you. Using the Preview Post button is also a good way to keep your session active.

As to your initial question, benchmark scoring is at best a guideline and at worst misleading. You’re better off simply using Blender and seeing how well it suits you for the tasks you wish to complete. If you try to do a particular task and you run into some performance issues, do a web search or post a question here to see what hardware modifications you need to make to reduce the performance overhead for that task. Benchmarks tend to be most useful in helping people determine whether or not they can/should buy a particular software suite. One of the benefits of Blender being free is that you don’t have to worry about that. The financial risk is non-existent… so you can simply just try it out.

Hope that helps. And please reconsider your thoughts on spelling and grammar. It really is a good idea to be clear to the people you’re trying to solicit help from.

This wasn’t supposed to be a debate about whether you like or dislike Base Line Scores.
Or Microsoft.

How many systems are sold with Vista? How many people do you think are going to ask the very same qusiton of Blender once they learn of the BLS? and of evry other app?

Whether you like it or disagree with it or think it is a marketing ploy - it’s here.
it gives the every day user a base to go by when choosing softwares for there comp.

Blender 3D 2.49a win out of the box will not work as Blender Dev team intended… you’d be foolish to think it will. I can persoanlly attest it will not.

Look at the poll in another area of this site - look at teh comps some of those people have.
Those machines yes it’s run as expected.
no waitng 8 days to render a simple average scene out.

We’re talking base line for both comp and app
a simple one not Bench mark tets which 99% of even geeks can’t understand let alone descypher.

If the Blender Dev team - who should know - say if you have a comp of 3.0 or what ever Blender will run smoothly andin a timely fashion as we intended - out of the Box.

  1. it’s going to end a lot of questions dealing with inadiquate comps trying to run Blender
  2. give a basline to the user what to expect - if his comp is under base line they knowin advance they should not expect full abilities in certain areas.

I’m not here as stated to debate the comp baseline

just find out what it is for Blender win2.49a and the expect v2.5 thats all.

and no it does not allow allthat you type to be psoted once the site logs you out. it deletes it.
trust me - i know - from experience.

as for type-o’s i’ve given the explainatin for them - nor do i care. never did - too childish and trivial for me.
not everyone speaks english - soo…? Then they won’t know i’ve typ-o’d - will they?
and they aren’t bitching about it or making a big deal about it either.
As amatter of fact – i apricaite those that answered and didn’t - and respect it more -

shows we have bigger and better things to worry about.
like our comps or next Blender Render - not typo’s

I would recommend that you focus on upgrading your computer equipment (I know, easier said than done). It seems that your computer doesn’t quite match your interests. Blender is pretty flexible, but there’s no getting around the requirements of CGI, in general. You could check out to find some really great deals on refurbished computers, if cost is an issue.

I cant tell you baseline score for blender but i can tell that blender 2.5 will have quite similar score as 2.49a. I can also tell you that computer with E8400 processor, 2gt memory and 3850 graphics card will run blender just fine, up to 100k polys.

I could stay silent about your horrible horrible writing if this was kiddo forum and there was possibility that you were 7, but not in here.

I know Blenders baseline score, but I’m not going to tell you.

They won’t know there was a typo? If they have trouble reading it spelled correctly how are they going to read it spelled incorrectly? And what if they have to run it through a translator? It isn’t childish to have clear grammar.

thanx to the top part…

LOL at the bottom part

get a grip all you Blender egotists - mentioning typo’s and gramer - being afraid of questions about Blender that are unknown… or about which comp will suit without saying - sorry that won’t do or of the new on the horizon or mentioning it’s free as a cop out to questions or desires for features it doesn’t have or can’t do that make you nervous

Blender 3D is one of the top 3D progs out there - it’s well known.
Blender is above it now…

So breath deep and relax… kiddies… :smiley:

EDIT* Obviously the answer to the thread topic is…

“we don’t know yet what the Base line index for Blender 3D win ver2.49a or v2.5 is yet”

okay - just asking -
when you do know could you please post it


Vista and Performance. ha ha. Good one. :slight_smile:

How many systems are sold with Vista? How many people do you think are going to ask the very same qusiton of Blender once they learn of the BLS? and of evry other app?

Vista is dead in the water. (personally I think it was the day it was released).

Win 7 soon to be released October, all ready been RC’s for months. Who gives a f–k what Vista’s performance is really. If you’re on it you all ready know, if you’re not then wait for Win 7.

Well firstly I am sure all will gladly help you after calling them egoists and kiddies… thats certain…

And Base Line Index for Blender is utter BS.
Thats pointless.
Its like judging a truck by the load he can carry.

Evaluatin a computer to say Vista runs with a given performance on it is like saying
“Yeeeh Sir that truck can get you 20 cows straight through Texas”

And what if you got to get your cows through Alaska?
And what if you got 30 cows?

If you meet the minimum requirements specified it runs. Even on a Smartphone.
The rest depends on the utilization.

If you render you need CPU power, more than min. req.
If you sculpt you need hell of GPU power for openGL viewport acceleration, more than min. req.
If you do heavy physics simulations you need a huge load of RAM and certainly more than min. req.

So its not that we dont know, its simply that we don´t care.
Everyone has his thing he does with Blender and knows what he needs to run it smoothly, if it lags, he asks those who might know why…

Cows? you’ve got to be kidding me… the relevents of this thread topic has been equated to Cows and trucks

the fact you don’t care is evedent - perhaps the dev team is.

because i’m sure i won’t be the last to ask about this.

and if they took this approach - you wouldn’t be using Blender now.
It wouldn’t exist.

Th fact you state you know… lol
What are doing keeping it a secret so the masses don’t find out?
lol oh man… Blender Artists forums hasn’t changed a bit.

some need to go back to worring about typo’s…

PS: if the dev team telss me howto test it the way they do to put Blender through it’s paces

  • i’d be glad to test it on my machine when it’s fixed
    currently it’s a 3.3 index. recommended is 3.0 indexed apps.

i’m almost shure you are a troll … anyways, my opinion:

blender doesn’t need a (totally UNserious) whatever index or minimum system requirement info, because it is FREE.

if i was about to spend money on a product, i want to know if my hardware fits the requirement, thats reasonable. but come on, you can just download those 15 Megs and see if it runs smooth for YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. that’s a lot more worth than a stupid index.

no offense, but if you don’t get it by now, here’s my index number for you: 42. maybe you accept that :slight_smile:

Dude, I don’t know why you’re so combative with people that are trying to answer your question and give you some suggestions and feedback.

Do any other applications give a minimum required score now? I’ve never heard of any other software listing this. Any software that gives this minimum score will probably be inaccurate anyway, especially if it is something as complex and multi-faceted as Blender is.

Also, I can think of several reasons why Blender doesn’t have this minimum score requirement, and probably won’t either, the main one being that it’s a way low priority item, i.e. no one has ever asked for it before. Blender is very community-driven, so if people aren’t clamoring for it, or if it’s not a clear improvement to the software, it is low-priority.

Processor: Calculations Per second 5.4
Memory (RAM): Memory operations per second 5.9
Graphics: Desktop performance for Windows Aero 3.5
Gaming Graphics: 3D Bussiness/gaming graphics performance 3.0
Primary Hard Disk: Disk Transfer Rate 5.6

Base Score: 3.0 Determined by Lowest Subscore.

so I got 3 gigs of RAM, integrated Graphics Card, not sure about the other stuff. It doesn’t say; maybe because I am logged in as guest.

But as a sidenote, I can play Crysis at 15 fps, on the lowest settings :P.


Spelling errors are relevant only to the individual. What one may think is an error, another may not. It really boils down to Descriptive vs. Prescriptive (linguistics). Also we could all understand his post, so no harm no foul.