blender .3ds file export addon...problem! help!

I have been trying to export from blender to 3ds max file and it doesn’t work when I open the file in 3ds max I don’t know why it doesn’t show up in 3ds max… any help would be appreciated.
I am using blender 2.65 and 3ds max 2011.
I applied all of the location, rotation and scale in blender and It still doesn’t show up…

Why are you using .3ds, it’s a poor file format. Try exporting as .obj or .fbx

When you say it doesn’t work, in what way ? Not showing up, error messages etc ?
Have you applied all modifiers ? what type of object is it ?
What are your export and import settings ?
Is it very large or very small ? Are face normals correct and consistent ?

Can you attach or link to an example file that demonstrates the problem ?

oh ok I was just trying to make a product usable by 3ds max users

and I noticed that fbx works but I dont think obj worked