Blender & 3DS Max

Hi Everyone!

I have started learning Blender recently and that is awesome software!

In the future I would like to learn 3DS Max too and I would like to know whether knowledge and experience on Blender may help me with 3DS Max.

My questions are:

  1. Are they similar programs in terms of modeling philosophy of polygons, use of nodes for materials & textures and etc.
  2. Will I have to learn much different things again when will start with 3DS Max?

Thank you in advance!

Since both are polygon modeling programs, both will function with the same rules. Layout, tools and shortcuts will be different however.

Materials and rendering will be different, the concept of lighting stays the same but the tools to get to the end result will be different.

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Thank You very much

hi jav. theres a lot of things different and you have a lot of learning too do. but learning two pieces of kit can be done if you work smart … Now Blenders interface is kind of module based so you jump from sculpt mode to animation mode whereas Max not so much.
In 3ds max the animation i feel is easier to accomplish than in blender and something you may wish to consider is use max for animation and rigging utilising the cat system or biped and use blender for sculpting and modelling and final output and of course if your interested in blenders grease pencil add that too your skill set.

another thing to consider if your into animation and game development is too use akeytsu its a standalone rigging and software package that i am constantly going on about as i think its pretty cool.

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Hi Ninja,

Thank you very much for your reply!
Potentially I need 3DS Max at work where my employer cannot install Blender due to company IT policy. I guess they are suspecting that free soft like Blender can contain backdoor. And It is difficult to convince them… :slight_smile:
I love Blender because such versatile software is FREE and developed by community and the fact that it can substitute 3Ds Max and Maya is amazing! That means I can do freelance job (potentially) without worrying about license and etc.
I am going to use both for rendering static photo-realistic images.

Thanks again!