Blender -> 3ds Max

Alright. I’m on a project for a game (Tribes 2), and we’re trying to make more singleplayer missions.

Now 3Ds has an exporter to the filetype that T2 uses, and one of our members has 3Ds so that’s not the problem.

However, I’d like to help him complete some of the objects that we need, so I’m wondering if there’s a (free) way to convert .blend files to .3ds files, whether through a plugin or a third party program, it doesn’t matter.

So does anyone know of such a thing?

there is a 3ds import/export plugin (python script). you could also go and export the geometry as dxf, which max understands natively (well, almost). an other option is .obj export from blender and import in max, via a freeware plugin (at least for R5 there is one that works fine).

search these forums for “3dsmax, import, export” and so on, you’ll find a couple of links you’ll like.

Awesome. Thanks :D.

You should have no problem:

for Max 4 and 5 perfect OBJ import. I recomend OBJ much better than *.3ds
For Max 6.

You may only redo smooth groups at Max, a real breeze. I’ve worked “professionally” using WIngs and company’s Max.

Ben Omari is ending the dx8 exporter, If you own (or know someone friend enough and with the time to make the conversions) Ultimate Unwrap, you perhaps will be able to import there bones&weighted character models.Then you will export as the native Ultimate Unwrap format: *.u3d .
As Unwrap3d has in its site a free plugin called Extras plugin, you will copy the u3d plugin into max 3dsmax\plugins folder (like any max plugin) , and bang, ready now to JUST go File menu…Import… U3D format…your model with bones and weights…I have tested from Ultimate—> Max , and works really well. So, with Ben Omari plugin should also work, as it will open well in Ultimate Unwrap. :smiley:

Another interesting thing of Ben exporter :slight_smile:

As you see, there will be no reason to say you can’t traslate full content from Blender to Max. this way I see many blender users can get into mods, and Max projects, get into the production chain of Max based group.

I see it really cool…

though my most interest is not putting Max in the middle, but just Blender->x -> game engine (there are a load of them using x files, I just will sound as an scratched disk if I write them down again :wink: :wink: )

If there’s some issue more and I am lucky to see this thread again, I’ll answer whatever if I can :slight_smile:

I should have helped with this :wink:

Ooo thanks.

feels like it’s christmas

btw, I like your nick :slight_smile:

I got very addicted to Unreal 2003 during certain time… :wink:

Also like the 3d intro sequence of that game, main character being Frostbyte… :slight_smile: