Blender 64 bit keeps crashing on startup in windows 7 64

It just crashes with no error. I even tried to run it with the -d flag, and nothing…

Anyone else having this problem?

V 2.71 by the way. Tried both zip and installer, same result. Installed vc++redistributable, still no luck…

Have you tried to run Blender in debug mode from the Windows command prompt? Even if Blender crashes the command prompt box should retain all the messages (errors and not).

Hi, you can try to run Blender with --factory-startup to keep out the startup.blend.
If the startup.blend is corrupt Blender may not start.
Does 2.70a work?

Cheers, mib

You can also go into Users<you>AppData\Roaming and rename the Blender Foundation folder (just put an underscore between the words, for instance) and start it clean with no config and no custom startup.blend.

Then download the zip version, unzip and run from there. In other words, run a non-installed version.

If it doesn’t start up that way, chances are you need to fix something in your OS.

If it does work that way, try running the installed version the same way (renamed Blender_Foundation folder).

If that works, it was something in your config. Configuration bugs can work through update after update, then suddenly blow up. I’ve had it happen.

All I get from debugging mode is:

Switching to fully guarded memory allocator.

After that, blender crashes instantly.

Version 2.71 (32x) works fine and is the version I’m currently using.
Version 2.70a (64x) works fine
Version 6.69 (64x) works as well

Tried deleting the Blender foundation folder and it didn’t work.
About the configuration files, that would be weird since the first version of blender I installed was this one, and it instantly crashed anyway. As for fixing something in my OS, any clue what might be causing this?