blender 64 on ubuntu 8.10 64

I’m looking for some help at installing the blender 64 latest version from the blender site on the latest ubuntu distro , i’m pretty new to ubuntu so any help or advice are welcome (link to guides etc etc)



Is it not working for you?

If Blender doesn´t start, open the Console, go to the directory where you unpacked blender and type:


That ./ command tells linux to execute the file from the directory you are in, and not just the Blender version you might have downloaded from the repository.

Once you run Blender, if there are any problems they will surely show up in the console. If Blender is not working it is like to be due to missing libraries, just take note of them and download them from the repo.

Download it from, unzip it and start blendering.

I use Kubuntu (8.04 and 8.10 on 32 and 64bits in different computers) and the 1 package that was missing when I ran the latest version of Blender from was libalut0. I fixed that with

sudo apt-get install libalut0

and all was good.

I’m new to linux too, been using Ubuntu for 4 days now :slight_smile: All I did was download blender, right clicked the package, extracted it into a folder. Open the folder, find the blender icon, double click the blender icon, and BAM! And I mean BAM, blender opens in like a half second.

Yes, thats the way to compile it, but how can you get it installed on Ubuntu?

I just did it that way, extracting the downloaded blender tar.z2 file, but instead of navigating from the terminal, I executed a command which is
sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal
and then tipping ./Blender as you said,
because Iḿ new at Ubuntu and its the easiest way for me to open a file on a terminal instead of usin cd , but I think it would be useful to have it installed, so it appears at the application menu and all that stuff.

Thanks and see U.