Blender, a new mouse, and prefered settings.

I have had this dell mouse for about a year of so and it has worked nicely but I needed a new mouse because it was running into some problems with the scroll wheel(loose). So I picked up a new mouse, plugged it in and set its settings to be like the dell mouse.
The problem is the scroll wheel no matter which way I push it always makes the model view zoom out(Its also not recognized in some games).
Have you ran into a problem like this with a different mouse? What are your settings? Its a microsoft comfort mouse(I had 20 dollars worth of gift cards at newegg).


Nope, no such problems here. I recently bought Logitech MX518 and it works as a mouse should. I don’t mind paying a bit more for a “mere” mouse, since a quality product will last longer and serve its purpose better.

did you install the software that came with it? most of the time you don’t have to, but sometimes you do.

EDIT: After re-reading your post, I would suggest that you disregard my previous suggestion. :slight_smile:

It really sounds like mismatched drivers.

I did install the software and it does scroll on web pages and it functions as a middle mouse but for some reason it still only zooms out in blender , and is not recognized in games(the scroll). It set it to middle mouse button, auto scroll, and something else and still nothing. Any other suggestions? Should I try the manufacturer? Also does autodesk cad have a similar zoom feature? The manufacturer says that there is not solution if this is so?

I had the same problem with my M$ mouse. My solution was to throw it as hard as I could against the wall to see how many pieces were in it. It was about 8 or 9…

Then I went to Best Buy and found a logitech for 25 bucks. Works fine with no need for drivers. Then I went back and bought another one for my linux machine. Works GREAT! If you need a driver cd for a MOUSE, get another mouse, because thats just crap!

There was a bug with wheel input in Blender that was fixed recently.

The bug was that wheel values from the device used to be discrete (+/- a certain value to indicate direction) and were (wrongly) assumed as such but aren’t anymore on newer mouse (especially MS mice, IIRC).

You’ll either have to use a different mouse or use a development build of Blender.


I have the same problem with a new intelimouse… after looking closely I had it set for the intelimouse 4.0 rather than 3.0… A quick tweak fixed it all up.

Are there any startup utilities still loading that were being used by the old mouse?

Sorry to hijack this thread a bit but i need some help. New to blender and thought i would get a mouse with those buttons under the thumb to rotate and pan the view. Can’t for the life of me get it to work and i really find depressing the scroll wheel repeatedly quite uncomfortable. Any help for a Noob or have i wasted $100?