Blender accepted into GSOC 2011

Congrats to Blender, and good luck to the students!

I’m rooting for the relationship editor, nodify game logic, texture painting, and the bake node…let’s see what happens!..Maybe something totally unexpected will come out…I did not see anything about the shader re-write, but I see that as a fairly big project for AFTER beta…

thanks for the post jay.

Great news :slight_smile:

I’d really like to see texture painting improvements (especially speed)… Maybe that’s something for Jwilkins or Nicholas Bishop (if he’ still a student?) to tackle :). A shader system rewrite is to big and complex as a SoC project…

Looks nice, i was playing with the paint and almost always crash :(.
I don’t know but
-what happen with mask in the sculpt system ??
-what happen with layers in the sculpt system ??

i think ,they must improve this

Selfish, I know, but go texturing improvements! :slight_smile: The rest of the ideas look good too.

+1 for texturing, it’s a vital stage in 3D animation yet it’s sort of been neglected for some time, I know there is Ptex integration to come, but the tools are lacking behind a little, specifically the use of textures (Rotation, tiling settings, projection (like drag & drop, and the other various options available in sculpt mode)).

It would be nice to see the OOPS style editor back also, with the new access Blender gives I could see this being very useful, for example it would be good if you could link in other blend files from within the editor, like have the ability to see an explorer type style where you could navigate and drag & drop via append or link specific items into the current active blend file, and then use the editor to create relationships, but between multiple files, not just in the active blend file open.

was GSOC 2010 realesed ?

Hi all,

perhaps it would be a good idea to do a flyer that can be distributed to CS departments in universitys across the world to invite them to apply for GSoC for blender.

+1 for relationship editor, the current drivers are cumbersome to setup, selecting a node and linking it to another one would be better than assigning a driver and playing with it’s properties.

All of the GSoC projects from last year haven’t been merged yet due to the feature freeze, many will merge after the next release.

+1 per nodal logic! Brick logic is quite a pain(i practically use as more python i can because i prefer a bit of performance loss than going mad trying to understand what i just did)
Btw we’ll see, the project should be done by students that bring into blender what they are studying, so maybe we’ll see some awsome stuff come out! :slight_smile:

@LetterRip if there would be something like an official flyer that looks decent, I’d be more than willing to distribute some at the university I study

New BGE features, nodal logic or outliner improvements would be very welcome.

+1 and also some ‘seam’ issues with the UV Unwrap… especially when Subsurf is turned on with “subdivide UVs”…

Hi all,

I’d like specific small items you’d like improved in each of the following, I’ve provided some links for useful ideas to some areas. Please provide a brief description of the feature.

Retopology Tools

Unwrapping/UV Editing Tools

Weight Painting/Skinning

Mesh Editing Tools

Texture Painting Tools

Sculpt Tools

Compositing Tools

Video Editing Tools

The goal here is to add polish to existing tools/tool sets to make blenders workflow as smooth and friendly as possible and to knock off ‘rough edges’ and workflow issues that are time consuming/frustrating.

LetterRip, your work is much appreciated in making GSOC happen again this year, thanks!

For sculpting - features frustrations

  1. memory consumption/slowness when changing subdivision levels
  2. slow down when using matcaps and similar shading
  3. memory consumption/slowness when baking to normal maps
  4. lack of ability to ‘delete lower’ for multires
  5. editing of multires base mesh giving weird results sometimes
  6. bad interpolation when changing multires levels
  7. ‘go straight’ bug for fast long strokes

So - small specific items that would fix a frustration like above

nevermind… (**** limit time of connection forum “·$%”$·$%&"·%·$!!!)

I don’t see very useful the Retopology Tools .
You must work more in painting and sculpt tools too