Blender accessing internet

Hi, does anyone know how to stop Blender trying to access the internet? My system used to run fine until a couple of Blender updates ago now I get frequent crashes. I have found that every 5 minutes or so Blender is trying to access the internet and I think this might be causing the problems. Any suggestions please.

As far as I know Blender doesn’t have anything in it made to access the Internet by itself. Perhaps you coincidentally acquired a virus some time back.

Thanks for the reply, I also thought the same about Blender not having anything to make it access the internet automatically but I found a post in the Wiki
Internet Access

Blender is a web-enabled application, in that it has two executables that may access the Internet which your firewall may detect:

  • Blender Foundation\Blender\blender.exe - the core application
  • Blender Foundation\Python\pythonw.exe - the python script interpreter

In addition, Blender may spawn your web browser (such as Firefox) to access the Internet, for example when you access Help->Manual.

No chance of a virus as the crashing started happening when I was using Vista and have since done a clean install of 7 and the same thing has started to happen, Blender used to run sweet on this machine I figured it was Vista? Only found out about the internet accessing because I installed the new version of Norton 360 and it allows you to see what programs have been trying to access the internet. I am at a loss over this.


I had almost the same warning from BitDefender firewall. I think that is not an attempt of Blender to acces to Internet, but a request from BitDefender (detecting the exe in his continuous scan process), asking if I agree to allow Blender using internet when required. Once put in the safe programs list, this warning doesn’t appear anymore until I reinstall a new release of Blender.

Thanks Roubal, I did add Blender to the Norton safe list and it still kept on showing up in the warning list but I do think you are right so will have to see what Norton says.