Blender Action Safe Area

how would you activate blenders safe area or action safe area or grid thing in the camera view
I know you can do this in max or maya but i dont seem to b e able to locate an option for this in blender

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I note that in 2.91 the F3 Search function does not locate “Safe” or “Safe Area”.

I’d count that as a bug.

…in fact, LOTS of stuff in the Camera tab is not found. Am I misunderstanding the function of F3?

you mean the tab function right …
oh it’s just the way my version of blender is setup it’s tab?
well that’s not confusing

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omg of course … why could i not find that -_-;;

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Yip. The property search is the one on top of properties editor. The F3 (or Space, depending on preferences) searches for operators/tools.

If you’re using the Industry Compatible keymap, then yes, it should be Tab.

…and that is why we all should strive not to teach, mention, or otherwise talk about specific hotkeys if at all possible.

Uhkchch. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Not that anyone cares about my opinion, but why not unify Search to include both areas? Users who need Search in the first place aren’t probably going to have mentally neatly categorized features of the program. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: