Blender Add Mesh A to Another Mesh B That Has Shape Keys


(calembendell) #1

Hey everyone,

I have a mesh A that is a beard and a mesh B that is a human face to which that beard should be attached.
The rub is that mesh B already has all its morph targets computed for facial expressions, and I want to join the beard mesh to it such that the beard moves with the face.

The beard consists of many individual cards, pictured below.
It’s my hope that there is a way to attach each card to the mesh underneath it such that each card will be assigned a place in every morph target for the mesh.

Is there a way to do this or any plugin that gives me a starting point?

(yogyog) #2

Have a look into the mesh deform modifier.

Though - this mod is designed for a far more lowpoly guidemesh. First I would copy the relevant bit of the head and use just that - then I would use Apply as Shape Key and use exactly the same shape key name as the head. I would do this repeatedly for all the shapekeys you’re using.

(JoseConseco) #3

You can try this addon I made: for exactly that purpose.

(yogyog) #4

Wow - that looks like a really useful plugin!