Blender add-on developer required!

Hey guys,
We need a python developer proficient in developing a blender add-on.

The project we will need a developer for - Nisarga add-on

Skills required:

  1. Proficient in Python
  2. Good knowledge of Blender
  3. Must know the English language with good communication skills.

About the project: Nisarga add-on is already on the marketplace with the V1.0, and we would love to continue developing it further to a greater extent.

Main features to be developed:

  1. Make compatible with Blender’s all versions ( including 2.93 beta).
  2. Making some cool features with geometry nodes.
  3. User interface improvements.
  4. Implementing a Basic scatter system based on geometry nodes or using a particle system.

Email - [email protected] with your portfolio, project rates, or your proposal.

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