Blender Add-Ons and PC Security

I’m new to Blender and really enjoying the experience so far.

Not being a computer coder…just wondering about all the add-ons available.
Being open source, are they all safe to install? What about malicious code?
Is there a list of trusted sources for add-ons?

Thanks for any advice

First thing is you can always check for yourself since they’re just plain text files (.py). Addons shipped with Blender are obviously safe, some external addons are made by people who have a portfolio and inspire trust, and for the rest as far as I know people rely on each other -the community- for safety checks. There is also a safeguard when loading scenes that have embedded python scripts, ‘auto-execute python scripts’. It is turned off by default in preferences.

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Thanks for that, Hadriscus

That being said I am no authority on this subject so feel free to ask further, more competent people will surely give you specifics.