Blender Addon | HairShapeKey_v5.0

Blender Addon | HairShapeKey_v5.0


HairShapeKey is a Blender add-on, supporting adding shape keys of hair, making it possible to record the transition between multiple shapes of hair like models. Users can switch between the different shapes freely, keyframe animation, and set driver control, which makes it more controllable to style hair. Just have a try!

On sale for a limit amount. May return to its original pricing after 100 sold.

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I hope this add-on will help you create more wonderful effects.


  • Windows: Blender 2.79b, 2.81a, 2.82a, and 2.83.
  • Linux: Blender 2.79b, 2.81a, 2.82a, and 2.83.
  • Blender 2.80 is not supported.


Create multiple shapes of hair, and switch between them freely. Support keyframe animation and driver control of hair shape keys.

1.This add-on supports one hair shape key with multiple keys. One key represents one shape.Also, it supports multiple hair shape keys with multiple keys. Please note, the initial shape of the shape key is based on the final shape of the previous one.

2.You can keyframe animation between multiple hair shapes, and control animation with Noise Modifier in Graph Editor.

3.This add-on supports applying the driver control of the hair shapes’ animation. Besides, it supports bone control, which helps resolve the hair shapes’ issues due to stretched animation. Update Frame supports checking the change of hair shapes in time. May Blender become stuck, to varying degrees, based on the project and PC hardware.
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4.You can re-edit the quantity of hair’s points with the built-in functions of this add-on, like Delete Keys, Delete Particles, Subdivide and Update Added Hair.

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5.When some errors occur, we can detect and fix them with Display Data on.

6.Animation of the hair shapes can be rendered.

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yes yes yes yes! why the hell is no one talking about your addons? lots of things have been amazingly reworked in Blender abut I think the hair system has stayed the same for quite a while. This addons is great not only for animation but even just making a character and presenting different poses. Love how the others improve the grooming process.

Also found today your newest product looking even better! I see I will have to wait for the 2.9 or 2.91 updates but I am looking forward to getting this addons.

Hi, we’re glad that you approve of our add-on. This add-on has just been released for a short time, so few people know about it. We hope it can help more people create their works. And we will appreciate it if you recommend it to others who need it.
Also, thanks for your feedback. We will update the add-on to make it support Blender version 2.9. Then we’ll send you an email. So stay tuned!
In addition, we recently released another hair add-on—Hair Clump. So, if you are interested, you can click here to learn about it:
Have a nice day.