Blender Addon Substance Painter by Digikrafting

after searching for a better way to import PBR textures into blender, I came across this addon by digikrafting .
since I have not seen a post about it, here it goes.
it offers a round trip between blender and substance painter. from mesh creation in blender to texturing in substance painter, and bring textures back to blender.
to me, the most powerful part is to load multiple PBR texture sets into blender with one click.
even if you don’t use substance painter ( quixel mixer, ring a bell?), as long as you save your blender scene parallel to the textures folder and with matching mesh and material names, it automatically creates BSDF shader node network and assign textures to the whole scene ( or selected object if you prefer).
how cool and convenient is that !!!

(shameless copy & paste)


  • Blender 2.80+ (Tested on Linux/Windows)
  • Export in either FBX or OBJ.
  • Exports to export folder and opens Substance Painter.
  • Creates SPP Project File “{filename}.spp” or “{mesh}.spp” or “{collection}.spp”. * (Excludes 2018.1.0-2018.3.0 - See usage notes below)
  • Passes textures folder from preferences to Substance Painter.
  • Creates Nodes using the Principled BSDF shader.
  • Autosave before export option.
  • Use Relative Paths option.
  • Creates nodes for Unreal Engine Textures. * (On detection of OcclusionRoughnessMetallic texture)
  • Optional Height Maps (Combines Height and Normal maps using the Bump Node, use with care, see screenshots below)
  • Checks if Mesh has material and will create one if it doesn’t (Can be turned off in preferences “Create Material”)

here is the link in case you miss the first one:
and their official site: