Usign the code of I’ve made a standalone script in Blender to generate Thread.

Install the Addon in Edit-Preferences-Addon Press ALT+A in the 3D View ad select Mesh-Add Thread. If you don’t see the parameters press F9


Nice bro. Thanks for sharing this addon!!

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the good work

haha… I totally thought this addon was going to make addon threads for

i need more coffee.


Any chance this is looking to get updated for 2.9+?

Works great in 2.93.

I think all this needs for greatness are some options for proper ends. Like either a flat cap, a bevel at the end, or fading out the threading into a cylinder shape or to a point.

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Cool addon but it won’t accept dimensions lower than .39", (which is greater than 3/8") which makes it kind of useless. This part is huge with an OD of 4.875", and even for this the threads are absurdly large.


The terms are also not really useful. Surely the purpose is to be able to quickly generate real standard threads easily, but the tool works on the orthogonal widths of the four verts of the shape, which doesn’t readily translate to real terms, particularly thread pitch, of which H1/H3 are a function, not the other way around. There’s also no radius for the root/crest, so something like english pipe thread needs extra work.

Seems like very arbitrary limits and I don’t understand why it’s set up this way.

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