Blender AddOn with CAD Kernel for pareametric editing

I have been using Blender for a good 10 years after working with 3d Max for a long time. I also work in the field of mechanical engineering CAD/design.
So I know different sides how to create 3d objects.
The way how objects are created and edited in CAD programs (SolidWorks, Autodesk…) is very different to Blender. No matter if with grid model or curves. In my opinion the best way to create 3D objects.

As a base is mostly used a 3D solid modeling core, which offers the possibility to edit parameters like length, width, radius, boolean operations of an object at any time.
Unfortunately, when an object is created in Blender, it immediately loses these capabilities.

Since there are some 3D solid modeling kernels available as open source projects like the Open Cascade kernel used in FreeCAD, I always ask myself:
Why hasn’t anyone programmed such a kernel as an add-on for object creation in Blender?

I am not a programmer but the idea of creating objects as elegantly as we do in CAD programs makes me ask this question.

Translated with (free version)

Well, there are BsMax and Wmesh for parametric objects:

Since you come from a Max background, BsMax might be useful.

And Geometry Nodes includes a bunch of parametric objects and curve objects.

Good question

I would say blender misses / missed out a lot by not updating / further expanding their cad tools

But there is a lot they could do

Direct modeling free form surfacing or parametric modeling

FreeCAD is a quite usable while in many aspects limited tool

For non organic work it is pretty strong

Income from Maya that has nurbs and poly and in recent time just work with Fusion360 which offers the best tool set and workflow

I think it makes sense that they focused on polygon modeling for animation and not cad tools.

While natively being able to open cad files would be amazing

Even sketchup

Direct modeling is present in Design Spark Mechanical(you need to have an account a freeware version of Spaceclaim.

For Blender how to integrate a CAD kernel(most are not free) it with Geonodes?

Design spark is pretty powerful just only windows I think.

FreeCAD is a an interesting taste of interface but mac win which is quite nice.

Looks real interesting, did not test it yet.

It is interesting - the YouTube clowns oversell it.