Blender Addons on Steam

Since Blender is already available on Steam , I just wanna ask if there are any plans from devs to sell their addons on Steam? Because Blendemarket has limited support in terms of payment methods and does not offer regional pricing. If you talk about India, the hassle with international transactions due to govt. regulations makes it think a lot to get into Paypal. Credit cards are something people simply cannot afford here. I’m sure this maybe case in several countries. So, it would be amazing if either Blendermarket add support for local payment in collab with local partners like Steam does now or maybe devs have a steam version. They are very affordable and i’m sure the sales will surely increase and help the devs too and make it easily accessible. Any thoughts guys??

hopefully gpl makes this not happen. its bad enough as it is.

But blender, Krita are already up there on Steam. They’re GPL too.

Credit cards are pointless unless some one wants to borrow money. But “debit cards” are super important, anyone with a bank account should have one because more or less you access any ATM with it.

Also another alternative to Steam is itch-io.

Well…everyone has debit cards but Indian government has different regulations for eKYc for international transations. No all the banks have international transaction enabled debit cards. There are certain extra steps with the banks needed to use domestic debit card for international transaction. i’m sure some other countries have pretty much same regulations.

Good to know. You can register a Paypal account easily, but also is a matter of whether or not the shop you want supports it. But for general use you would be able to do transactions while working as freelancer or using amazon or ebay etc.

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usualy addons are also hosted on gumroad and it does support paypal

btw did you know that gumroad does not accept animal pelts as payment method?

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Paypal has been shut by Reserve bank (Regualator bank in India) multiple times. It’s got it’s issues with FEMA. Ebay is shut in India, Amazon India has setup domestic payments operations here. What’s important is that i want it to raise a possible way to reach more customers which can help both devs and users in many countries through Steam. I’m sure a steam version can be good idea, if it take more cut then prices can be slightly more than gumroad or blendermarket or redeemable. (i’m refering Steam because it has highest reach and support for local currency payment)