Blender Adict?

I just wonder how many persons who have started to do stupid things with their computer because they are using blender.

My two most obvious things I have started to do is:

  • Trying to shake the menus away with my mouse
  • Using the B-Key to select my units in Star Craft

Quite normal!

Here’s what I sometimes did:

  • Tried to rotate view when working in a 2D-package (a painting, textures etc.)
  • Sometimes press TAB to enter editmode in text-editors (LOL!!)

And one I keep doing ALL the time…

…I keep pressing the Blender Icon as the first choice of starting any program
simply because Blender is my MAJOR application. Even when I plan to play an
online-game… I press the Blender icon first… Dang… weird…

And many more :slight_smile:

Have you seen this?

You’re fast lemmy, I was about to send that link too :slight_smile:

pressing [ctrl+w] to save in ms word (woefully, it closes the program)

let’s see…

darn. cant think of any others right now


The thread Lemmy dragged up had some astounding insights into the future…

How very true that one turned out to be.

Hmmmm, crystal balls perhaps? IOR 1.74


I constantly do the ctrl-z motion for everything.
I also sometimes press the spacebar in hopes of a toolbox.

I press F12 often in Illustrator and InDesign… i dont even really know why… when I want to look at what I’m doing, I just instinctively press F12

I also hit Shift+Backspace to clear text fields. (Those are keys that I think should be in ALL applications: pure genius.)

I occasionally try to select with right mouse too.

I kept pressing F1 to open a file in Photoshop. After doing that a couple of times, I just edited the Hotkeys and switched Open File from CNTRL + O to F1. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the CNTRL + W to save thing has gotten me too. Wonder whos idea it was to make Blender save with that hot key when all the other apps close docs with it. :expressionless:

[ctrl]+[s] saves in Blender too. :wink:

I click Blender icon when I really wanted to click Firefox (yes i got rid of stupid Netscape)

  • When I use photoshop I press G to move my pictures
  • When I want to open a application and I talk to someone over TeamSpeak I open sometimes accidently Blender, while it’s totally somewhere else :stuck_out_tongue:

blender is becoming more and more standardised in keys (such as Ctrl+z for undo)

so these things will soon go away i hope.


alt+p/F12 in the IDE for Python

Rightlick- to slectect points in Photoshop and then pressing f-key for no reason (which does fullscreen =_=) and pressing s-key to scale.

i press f12 all the time when i go to take a screenshot

ok, even if this topic has been done b4, it’s always fun…
Blender and photoshop is a bad combination.
i can really mess up ur picture if u use some blender shortcuts.

i try to select all sort of things with RMB… :S
But now i use the hotkeys in other programs 10 times more than before i used blender, so blender is not so bad :slight_smile:

Haha. So far I am a victim of almost all of these, but the biggest one is this:

My friend told me he had a new girl friend and showed me a picture. She resembled a less tan version of Jenifer Aniston. I replied with, “Yeah right dude, show me the wire!”

I use that phrase a lot. I wish more of my friends were into Blender s I could sound cool.

hahah same here