Blender Adventure Game [ Work In Progress ] New Update #02

Good morning / Evening All !

This is my very very First Post here on the forum. so yeah, HI there everyone, I’m fullm3talx from morocco. and i LOVE BLENDER :cool:

I’m Very happy i didn’t came here empty handed, i have a little Gift / Contribution for you guys. Ladies and Gentleman i Present to you :

The Adventure Game Work in Progress [ MYST STYLE ] :smiley:

This is a Blender Adventure Game Project i’m working on, it’s basically a Point and click Adventure Game with the MYST navigation Style. the Main focus will be on immersive Experience to the Player, Good Storyline, fun Puzzles, Exploration, and most of all, GREAT FUN. :wink:

here is My Very First progress on the Game so far in the video down bellow :
/ ! </b> Sorry for the Music in the background, my fraps recorded my system sounds while i wasn’t aware of it.

as you can see, if you watched the video, its already taking shape. constant 60fps all time. intuitive controls. and ITS ON BLENDER YAY :smiley:
it’s not showing mush yet, but tell me what you think about this first demo. any advice or ideas would be welcome.

i intend to release a full working .Blend as a Template to you guys for this first Demo level. Maybe we can work on it, improve it and perfect it as mush as we can, as i believe this type of games are what Blender Can do Best. it’s based on Renders, and blender is nothing but that :wink:

the .Blend is not ready yet, and takes too mush Mbs because of the nature of this game. [High resolution environment Maps]. it’s around 200Mb Right Now, and no interaction or features are added to the game yet. but the .Blend will Be Up as Soon as possible. i really want to share the concept to see if there is room for optimizations. and im sure there is.

my current goal is finishing this First Demo Level, wich will contain all the features that will be in the Full Game later. this demo will be like a proof of concept to me and you, to know where the limits are, and have some knowledge about how the rest of the game is going to be etc…

hope you like it, really exited to see how i can improve this and push it to the limits. tell me what you think :wink:

Happy Blending,

Quick Update :

  • Added som interactivity to the Game.
  • Sounds Are Placeholders for the Moment.

Update #02 :

Still Too mush to be done.
i wonder if “Video Texture” gonna work …hmm.

***Happy Blending,

Interesting looking project!

I like the detail level you have, seems like something that’s interesting enough to play but not too much work for solo developer.

Looking forward to updates :slight_smile:

Very nice. Is it all pre-rendered? I’m pretty sure you could manage a similar level of detail with real time geometry, but it’s an interesting concept anyway. I look forward to seeing how it comes out.

Really nice! Since this is prerendered, How about making highly detailed cycles photosphere/equirectangular renders?
When opening up cycles’node editor you might feel a bit lost but it’s fast to learn.

hey, thanks guys, this comments really meant a lot.
updates and also .blends will be up as soon as possible.

Now the concept is a mix between “PreRendered” and “Dynamic 3D” graphics :
Prerendered ultra HD environment maps which represents static objects ( like : “Skydomes” or lately started using “skyboxes” for huge polygons reduction )
and of course dynamic 3D objects which the player can interact with ( levers , Fireflies, birds, doors, snow/rain/fire particles, monsters, things ike that…)

this indeed gives one more ease of work during devoleppement. one still have to worry a little bit about those Huge High Resolution 3D Scenes for rendering, mastering thoses rendering skills, puzzles and creativity etc… . but other than that, its pretty mush straight forward workflow. one is no longer limited by the game engine capacity, only Creativity, 3D rendering skills, story telling , and puzzle immersion will be one’s highest concern.

the scene is basically multiple Skydomes placed in a logical way that matches the real 3D environment, and with some space between them, so that one can reduce the camera cliping to the point where only 1 “skydome” can be seen, the one the player is in. this way you only have to deal with 1 skydome at a time ( game engine ) and by so, Great possibility for high quality visuals with a good FPS rate.

features im currently thinking about :

  • Animated Environments instead of static ones [ Video Textures , Mesh Swtiching, and som Alpha clip tricks…]
  • 3D Glasses / Oculus rift
  • a Turn Based Fighting System [ you use potion and regain 20 health - Skeleton throws axe and hits 10 …]
  • looking to the sceilling for more Ideas, im sure there is plenty out there.

im also open for every other suggestion or idea. your contribution is all welcome.

a long post you did there says my head, i know, i hope tho that a clearer picture has formed about this Project, and it’s concept. hope you like it. development is kinda slow right now, but is getting there. exited to show you more. :smiley:

peace, and happy blending.