Blender & AE - Creating Street Destruction (Tutorial Link & Request)

Not sure how many people here are familiar with Video CoPilot, but it’s a fantastic After Effects site that features a couple dozen great tutorials, all of them free (the site also sells training DVDs). The author Andrew Kramer is a very talented guy who recently did the intro to the new U.S. TV series Fringe for JJ Abrams (creator of Lost, director of the new Star Trek movie).

Lately Andrew has been focused on tutorials incorporating 3D with After Effects and he’s been making efforts to include Blender. His latest training DVD The Bullet features Blender and he’s put out a request asking for someone to adapt his free Metor Crash 3D part one and part two tutorials for Blender (they were originally done with 3DS Max) or provide an original tutorial for creating street destruction.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to create something like this right now, but I wanted to post here and put it out here in case someone else did. Video CoPilot is a really popular site with AE users and it could be a great opportunity to showcase what Blender can do.

See this blog post for more details -

On the compatability page he says it requires blender 4.5+.
I’m hoping that’s a typo, or we’ll be waiting a while…
(I know, I know, he means 2.45+)