Blender Age: How old are you??

I thought it might be interesting to see how long people have been using Blender, so i started this thread. Also where you heard of it and how you learnt to use it… so answer!

I’ll start (obviously :wink: )
About 5 months now, not sure exactly. A year or two ago i was looking for a free animation program, an older dude (about 40) told me about blender. I tried it and found it REALLY confusing (as i didnt think about tutorials) so i left it… then one day, i thought i needed a kick-ass title sequence to my stop-motion series ( and did a few tutorials on blender… and there you go!


Well I’ve been using blender since the 2.43 release.
That was released on the 12th of Febuary 2007.
That makes me 3 and some, yay :slight_smile:

I’ve been using it for oh, maybe 5 years. not sure exactly - it was a long time ago, though. the first blender I used was sometime in the 2.3x series, one that didn’t have the transform widget. didn’t use it for about 2 years after that, and then I decided to try it again, and I found the wiki. from there, I was able to learn how to use it.

by the way, I’ll throw in my real age too - I’m 15.

been using it for 2 and a half years. found it on youtube from someone who made a game with it… i was on the 3drad forums back then, making games with their trial version and using sketchup for my models… i ported to blender because of the community support even though i found the interface very overwhelming at first. oh and im 18

almost 4!

sheesh i feel old

Man has it been that long, I remember when we worked on a project you were quite new to Blender.

the second heist!

I remember your modeling completely blew my mind

Umm… The first version I got was 2.48 so about… a year and a bit I think…

I’ve used it for 5 years now. started on summer holidays sometime back :slight_smile: and am 17 in a month

I found blender because I wanted to do animation in 3d and I used daz3d and maya and 3d max and anim8or but blender was the one I found last only one that I realy enjoyed. The tutorials on youtube are great

I’ve been using it for 2 years now…almost exactly.

The way I found out about it is a pretty long story…I’ll cut it down a bit:

A few years ago T Edoc and I were really interested in making our own computer games, and T actually used a computer more than I did at that point, not to mention internet, so he went looking for stuff, and one day he gave me a CD with a bunch of programs he’d found, including Blender 2.44.
My laptop at the time was an IBM A22E, with only 128MB of RAM, 20GB Hard-disk, and a 800MHz Processor, lol, so when I tried running 2.44, it was just much too slow to be useable
So in 2008 I bought this new laptop with the Specs in my signature, and I finally decided to try out 2.44. spent 2 days, all day, trying to figure out how it worked on my own. actually ended up with a headache, lol
so I looked up some tutorials, found 2.47, which was my first real version, and the rest happened in the past 2 years :smiley:

edit - @retro world - Happy Birthday in advance, retro world! :smiley:

I think I’m about three years old in blender years. 4 years ago I was working for a company that did bridge fabrication. One day my boss asked me if I could help him do some artwork for the design proposal he was working on. A quick Google search and I found Sketchup, I was able to learn it pretty rapidly, and made some nice renders of the bridge.

However, i remember thinking that I could do way better than this, sketchup really doesn’t do well at the minor details like vegetation, sun/sky, etc. I used to read the Cnet daily download blog a-lot, one day I saw blender on there and decided to give it a try. Something like 20 minutes later i gave up, it was just way to hard. A few months later my boss asked me for another render. I decided to use blender for this project. I had seen alot of good artwork done on blender, surely I could do something. Many days of frustration later I had some renders of my first real project.

I d/l’d Blender for the 1st time when NAN released the app for free. (1998 IRC)
I think I heard about its release on the ol’ gaming/game dev/game modding website, but I’m not certain. (possibly Polycount, or what passed for Polycount at the time (QMA???)

I played with it a bit to compare it to what I was using at the time (3smax R2), and shelved it.

I d/l’d it again when the NaN deal was struck and it become truly open-source, but again shelved for what I was using at the time (3dsMax 4).

After the 1st major UI overhaul (Blender 2.3?), I d/l’d it and actually used it on some projects. I’m a Wings3D user, so all my models start there, but Blender fast became my “go to” for quick export to 3rd party renderers, and quickly modeling curve based geometry (for those who don’t know, Wings is sub-d box modeler with no curve tools).

My first major project with Blender (initial modeling in Wings, UV/texturing, rigging, and animation in Blender) was completed in Nov 2008 using version 2.48 (IIRC). it was a project for BigFatBrain (the makers of the wildly popular “You Suck at Photoshop” youtube vids) that was funded by Adobe.

With the release of Blender 2.5, (and to avoid the ADSK “upgrade or die” business model), tables have turned and now its 3dsmax6 that is being shelved. :slight_smile:

BTW… I’m 51 years old and I have 6 grandchildren. :yes:

Almost 4 years, I joined here Jan '07, so I was probably playing around with blender a month or so before that.

I first heard of Blender when there was the donation thing to make it GPL’ed. But it was a few years yet for me to try it. My first experience wasn’t good at all: there was this interface shock full of tiny buttons and I didn’t know what to do so I started messing around. I did push some button and the default cube became warped out of any recognition… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I first tried to seriously look into it at about version 2.44 or something.

I found Blender 1.x back in 199x when I was looking for “free 3d software” using Altavista, which used to be THE search engine on the web, because Google did not really exist yet.

I did not have a connection to the web, so I had to visit this internet cafe, where people could download stuff on a high speed 56k dial-up connection. To save the downloaded stuff, one could use so called floppy disks.

Never really used Blender 1.x though, its user interface was completely alien and most people were of the opinion that only rocket scientists could use it.

My second try was with the ui refresh, as someone else in this topic already wrote about.

from blender 2.49b
So I think it is about 7 months or 1 year ?
wow I’m a baby
Baby one more time !!!:smiley:

I have found Blender 2.0 at age 18 , get confuzed at it , played with 3DS max trial at 19 and it was like “check it and forget it” due the mangled interface that did not canged from 3DS max Dos version (that i found at age 16 ) , found blender 2.43 in a linux distro after playing with kernel compile etc and learned the interface …

I`m 25 and I must say for other users that find blender at age 16 they need a good Tutorial made by Blender Foundation for 2.6 to cut that some time.

:wink: Happy Blending!

Blender interface was daunting and terrible while at 2.49. And usually, that’s the reason why new users take a look at blender, get scared, and leave for another program, and maybe (just maybe) comes back after a while. That happened to me too.
Blender 2.5 Might reduce this fear for new users with is gorgeous new GUI.
But it still needs to change a few defaults… Cause some controls are down right wrong…

Ive been using blender for a few years now, i don’t really remember… I don’t remember the version either…
I am 20 now.

I am use Blender for 1000 years and I make nothing with it, but I need new features and new GUI

Guess it was 2.44 when i tried to go back for a try with Blender. Really started to stick with it at version 2.45 or 2.46… It must have been around the last 2 or 3 years… i guess.

I’m 57 now and hope to still have the brains for many other Blender upgrades!