Blender Age: How old are you??

I started with Blender 5 years ago when i tried to make something in 3dsMax…
I have 25 years old and I’m working here at Brazil in and I solve my required 3d jobs just with Blender while my friends are using Cinema 4d.
Sometimes they don’t believe that a software with 60mb and free do the work for me… there’s a lot of limitations in Blender compared with Cinema 4d, but it’s enough to me.

“I am use Blender for 5 years and I made a lot of things with it, and now is very nice to have new features and new GUI, just now!”

Good stuff eversimo! Look forward your art some day!

In 2002, I had no internet access when I buy a magazine with a CD containing Blender, OpenFX, a dozen of little 3D freewares and documentation in English language.
I tested all the programs.
But I chose Blender because I preferred his flexible interface.

When I had access to internet, I became addict to online documentation and release logs.

Then, I did a 3dsmax’s training to learn the most used program in France and was employed to work with. I tried demos of XSI, Lightwave and Maya.

Since 2004, I am an active member of french community : Blenderclan.
I am, also, watching other french forums not dedicated to Blender to answer questions related to it.
Two years ago, I was amazed to see post with no correct answer after several months or a year.
I read several commentaries of desasperate advanced users in other programs like Max or Maya who were unable to find an equivalent to a simple feature.
Wiki’s translators have done a great work and today, there are enough intermediate french speakers blender users to help all french 3D newbies interested in Blender.
New 2.5 interface helps a lot.

best. reply. ever.

I think I first messed with it in 2003, however, I didn’t start using it “regularly” until probably 2007 with the 2.43 release. I think 2.43 made some changes that were crucial to me, but I’m not sure exactly what they were at this point.
So I guess I’m a blender 3 year old with a bit of prenatal care built in. :smiley:


and people say you have lame sense of humor… babies… :smiley:

I started with blender with 2.37(a?) I think.

I started using blender exclusively for a while at 2.48, my (educational) modo license expired and I didn’t have many good choices. I’m not 100% happy with switching still, but once bmesh is done and stable (and there are some new mesh tools!) and the render refactor is complete that just might change. :slight_smile:

It’s quite refreshing to find out that I’m only 6 years old!!! :eek:

My first look at Blender was 2.33. I did the whole ‘download it, open it, scream at space-shuttle control-panel effect and run away’ thing. I picked it up again later when 2.34 came out. I got hold of wolfmanyoda’s excellent (still isn’t bad actually) sword modelling tut and that got me going finally.

I’m 47 in Human years.

September 2000 was the first time I started using Blender so nearly 10 years for me.

I discovered Blender about 2 months earlier searching for a free 3d soft. The first time I opened Blender and saw a grid with a cube in the middle and the cursor over it, I uninstalled it immediatly!!
I then found a wonderful French website from jms that helped me a lot to start using it.

I first picked it up with 2.34 release but quickly forgot about. This was until the south african edition of PCFormat in 2006 ran an article on modeling a quake character with Blender that I started using it again but this was rather infrequent and with no internet access I didn’t really go far. Though I did do some tutorials like Torq’s head modeling one it wasn’t until June-July 2007 that I really started Learning Blender.

sorry double post

Tried blender about 4 years ago and remember making a sphere with a bunch of spikes in it, don’t remember how. Tried the interface, looked at the tuts and gave up with the itty-bitty buttons on the panel. Went on to Maya PLE and did a few tuts on it.

Now there’s no more PLE and I really can’t afford $3500, so I’m up on Blender and have been using it for about 2 weeks now which makes me one of the youngest users over here :). Hopefully I’ll earn my stripes soon.

I was looking for some tutorial and stumbled upon this one. Took me 3 days to get through the entire tut but it got me hooked to blender. I must admit, Yafaray and Blender are awesome.

Still learning the ropes though, currently working on a Chevy Camaro as per this tut and still have loads to learn.

Btw, I’m not into design or anything professionally. This is just a hobby.

since some time '04… :confused:

version 1.80

Blender take time to learn (as many others have said in this thread, maybe you didn’t notice?) Most people try blender, then give up and them come back much later to find that its not that hard after all… dont give up… or do, just come back later :rolleyes:

Great responces, read most of the early ones… then 20 mins and a whole lot of mad english later i gave up :stuck_out_tongue: it seems most people are between 3 and 5 yrs old

@gregzaal you have never seen endi’s work before, that just his running joke. He post something along that line of thinking just about any chance he gets it rubs most people up the wrong way though.

Check out his work its really good.

I never gave up :wink: Just carried on bombing through learning everything as it was so amazing!

I found and began to use Blender only starting last year with the release of 2.49b so i am very beginner with it, near to be a 1 year old despite my now past 37 human years :wink:

I had little 3D background with some game modding involving proprietary tools (O2 light from Bohemia Interactive), but was really fed up with the limitations, lack of features and functions of it, that’s why i looked elsewhere and finally found the fabulous application that is Blender.

At my first look i was a bit puzzled by its interface, but after really trying i found that interface to be extremely good, much better than the new 2.5 one actually as everything i need is just a click away instead of being a “move windows left/right/up/down” then click away.

Since then i am spending most of my free time as a hobbyist in toying with Blender (using Sculptris as a companion for sculpting needs) watching videos, reading tutorials and testing graphicall builds and always discovering something new.

well i got first version 2.37 long ago but threw it since didnt know what to do except to add monkeys lol.
remembered that internet has got some awesome tutorials and started to learn blender again with 2.45.
since then im a frequent blender user.