Blender AI render engine? My experience using AI in Blender

I am a user who has been using Blender for 9 years. In August 2022, my friend and I wrote an add on using AI in Blender.
·The initial idea was to quickly help us predict the completion of drafts, so that we could decide whether to adopt a draft solution.
(For example, I can first put down a simple model and use AI to output some images to help me predict the future work, such as the effect of real shooting or scanning modeling.)

·But the recent emergence of Sora has made me think about whether traditional 3D processes need to be changed, or whether in the future we will still need to spend time learning and understanding like before, such as gradually complex geometric nodes or materials.
So I tried using AI to skip certain processes and directly calculate the results, as you can see, the flicker is not very obvious

·However, the instability of large-scale pixel changes remains a limitation of its use as a substitute for traditional renderers
We are trying to use action capture together with AI

In the future, if there is a way to eliminate flicker, perhaps a new era will come
This is the project address, which allows you to use ComfyUI in Blender

If you have any good ideas, please feel free to leave a message and let’s create a new era together


Interesting. Not sure my laptop is going to handle the load.

2GB GPU memory can also run (4GB or above is recommended)


Mine has a 4GB graphics card. Nvidia GTX

Hello, I am looking for a Blender engineer who can build add-ons.
The candidate should have knowledge about the Blender Python API and Grease Pencil.
Looking forward to working with you.

I am glad to receive your invitation, but currently we have our own development tasks to do

So dont you have free time?

Yes, we currently don’t have any extra time to do things beyond planning

Okay, I see,
So if you are available, could you introduce your friends who can do it?
Thank you.

I already have ComfyUI install on my local computer; what is the process to install your addon ?