Blender-aid in designing Art Wall

I have used Blender as a help in the process of making my art wall works.
Expecially I want to see how the pattern looks in 3D environment as it is impossible to imagine it otherwise.
Exploring light positioning and scattering effects is essential to do at the same time.

CAD program is useful as it can be used in manufactural purposes as well as bases for 3D -rendering.
2D dxf files were imported and extruded in Blender.

Please, have a look at my website
Non-photorealistic look was used with purpose for concept images.
Final result is NC-worked birch and LED light.

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It’s a nice project, thanks for sharing. Would you mind adding some images from the website to the thread here? Just makes it a little easier for people to view the work.

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I am very curious to see more images.

Ilona! (Small a world innit?!?) Nice work at CERN!!!


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