Blender - Alpha 2 - Cloth Modifier

I have googled, experiemented, and torn the hair from my head and still this creature refuses to behave.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:
I have placed a Cloth Modifier on an article of clothing, which is parented to the correct armature and life is dandy. What I want to do is apply this modifier to freeze it in place, effectively having the modifier model the item for me.

The problem:
Whenever I hit the apply button either just “Apply” or “Apply as Shape” it reverts the article to the starting frame, not the current frame I’m on. The trick is I need to apply what I have so far, so that I can re-apply the modifier later on. I’m working on a landscape image (Yes, it will eventually be a still shot. I’m practicing my animation skills while I do these things), and there will be other elements and trying to key them all to be precisely what I want at a particular frame will be terribly difficult, especially if I can’t start freezing some of them (ie. this one) in time.

I appreciate any advice anyone can give. There isn’t a lot of tutorials and such on the Alpha version, but it’s the version my machine likes better. I apologize if this is a dorky question, I’ve only been working in Blender for a month or two.

Reference shot :


Not sure if this will help but when you click apply on the cloth modifier and it seems to reset. Did you check the operator panel or press F6 to get the operator dialog box to popup, is the Apply As field set to New Shape or Object Data. When ever I had it set to New Shape it did what I think sounds similar to the problem you were having. When I changed the Value to Object Data it seemed to work as expected.

Extra info: If you leave the Operator Panel with the Setting on New Shape, it will have created a shape key in the shape key panel. When you alter the shape key slider that will have been created, but instantly set the slider to 0 (basis shape the initial mesh before the cloth deform), with the slider at 1 you get the shape of that cloth when you applied it. This probably more flexible.

And since it is very easy to apply shape keys this should make it easy for you do choose which method you want to use.

Apologies if I misunderstood.

Thank you. I will have to work and see if I can manage to get that to work. Currently in the Alpha 2 version of Blender the F key commands do not appear to work, so I have to search for the proper menus. It seems like everything is in a different spot in this version.