(blender) Alt + Shift + RMB not working in ubuntu 12.10

i using ubuntu 12.10 i downloaded latest version blender from builder.blender.org my problem is ALT + SHIFT + RMB not working instead SHIFT + ALT + RMB and ALT + M also not showing merge menu any one have this problem? but in windows 7 working fine.

Ok, i just checked it out. The problem exists only in unity session, gnomne-shell and kde are just fine. You should check plugins for compiz, maybe there are some that grabbed your keys.

it’s probably a ubuntu thing, they made the worst keycombo ever, alt+lmb to drag window.
now that combo is used in photoshop, blender.

for everytime I boot my computer I have to change that to super+alt+lmb. for some reason unknown it defaults back after boots to alt+lmb

alt+rmb by default in ubuntu brings up some … worthless window menu, to minimize etc.

run the compiz settings manager, > ccsm

It’s a bug from Ubuntu. When you hit the ALT-key, unity takes over the input and Blender does not receive keystrokes anymore.

The following worked for me: System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Launchers -> Key to show the HUD -> Disabled

Thanks, Now working fine.

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