blender and 64 bit ????

I just finished building a new computer with the following specs:
core duo 2.4 1 gig ram video: e- geforce 7300 gt 512 mb ram
running windows xp ( not the 64 bit version)

Im having problems running blender on this system. Mostly they seem to be related to selections of vertices, I go to select a vertice and one far away from where im working will be selected instead, also when using circle border select verices start being selected all over the place like a christmas tree lighting up, the same thing occurs with loop select. I will be getting windows xp 64 bit next week but as far as I know I should be able to run blender or other 32 bit programs including xp (tho Im not really all that familiar with the 64 bit stuff yet). Is anyone using a duo or something like this setup, and having problems ?? Is there a 64 bit version of blender do I need to use that even tho im still running 32 bit windows xp ??

If anyone could shed some light on what is going on I would appreciate it, thank you.

I’ve actually had these same problems since the 2.40 release. I don’t know how to fix it…

I find I have similar problems depending on what OpenGL implementation I use. I run Linux and I have the ability to switch between using Xorg-X11 OpenGL and ATI’s Binary OpenGL. I do this because of ATI’s slow response in providing support for their video card under Linux.

When I use ATI’s binary driver and OpenGL I get faster response in the game engine, however when editing vertices I cannot select in shaded mode. I also experience the christmas tree effect as well at problems with edge/loop select.

Of course with the Xorg-X11 radeon driver and OpenGL I can edit just fine except it crashes blender and my xsession when anytime I attempt to scale, transform or whatever and lock the action to an axis.

Only reason I add this is I have a 64 bit system.

Yeah whats the go with that selection bug? I have noticed it as well and it makes editing a pain!! It doesnt happen when you are in wireframe mode though…


Wire frame is where it happens for me, and its so bad that I cant even use the new system to get any work done Luckily I have my old junky computer, but the whole reason I made the new system was so I could start rendering more animations in blender, I hope someone in developement knows about this bug.

I hope someone in developement knows about this bug.

Have you submitted it to the bugtracker?

I cant submit anything on the site, when I tried to sign up for the forum there was some kind of glitch, and now it wont let me try to create a new account I have submitted several emails to the forum but have not recieved any return mail or anything else. So I cant submit bugs.