Blender and AC motors??

First, I wasnt sure if this was the right forum for this but it seemed like the only one that was.

Anyways. Ive been doing a lot of research on google related to blender and robotics. What Im trying to achieve is what they call a motion control rig. Its basically a camera head made up of a combination of moving parts such as electric motors that can keep repeating the same movement so multiple elements can be composited into the same moving shot.

Im wondering if ac motors can be controlled using the f-curve editor in blender. Like using the f-curves to control the speed and direction of the shaft that sticks out of the engine.
Thats the principal of what I want to achieve. But what would that require? I was thinking an electrical engineer or a programmer who’s familiar with blender code. I mean the idea is simple, this rig wouldnt be controlled in real time its driven by blenders f curves. But the technical aspects are the main hurdle here.

Sorry I sound so baffled by my own idea. I really appreciate any advice or pointers.

And thank you everyone.

I think scripting is the way you want to go about it. I would suggest checking out Max Hammond’s work. He has some pretty complex rigs with automations. Just Google him he’s pretty well known.


if i am interpreting your idea correctly it is a very good one. you are setting up a camera rig with motors that can make precise moves, you hope to be able to slave it directly to blender so it can follow the f-curves in the graph editor for the camera in your animation. therefore with a real world camera moving in an identical fashion to the virtual one you will be able to do some very good greenscreening. a thing called an “arduino” might help you with controlling the motor(s) and there are loads of online communities based around using arduino(and equivalent microcontroller systems) to connect computers and the internet with real world machines. there will be some moves you can have a virtual camera do that no real motor could easily replicate but if you avoid those i cannot see reason this plan couldn’t work, but i don’t know how it would be done either. good luck.