Blender and After Effects

Hiya folks,
I use After Effects a lot and have a script that passes Blender info over to AE.

I noticed that AE can now accept 3d from Photoshop.
Photoshop is a total disarster for designing 3d. It’s almost unusable.

It would be nice if not only could AE suck in Blender image output, lights, and camera.
But if we could save objects in Photoshops 3d format, we could suck those into After Effects too.

I thought that AE supported Obj. format? Can’t Blender export that?

Check out the Adobe info page:

Adobe Photoshop Extended can import and manipulate 3D models (3D objects) in several popular formats, including the following:

.3ds (3ds Max)
.dae (Digital Asset Exchange, COLLADA)
.kmz (compressed Keyhole Markup Language format, Google Earth)
.obj (common 3D object format)
.u3d (Universal 3D)

and this from blender:

There should be something there to try.

I could be wrong, but I think Photoshop will open an OBJ file, but AE can only open Photoshop files with 3d embedded.

So I would have to take a blender scene, convert to obj, load into Photoshop, save a PSD, then load into AE.

Bit of a round the world trip :slight_smile:

I was watching a vid on the new Max and they have recently built in AE support. It’s only the same level of support that I’m currently getting with the AE export script.
I thought, ‘hay the blender community could do better then that!’

If blender could punch out PSD with 3d embedded, we could pipe whole animated sequences with real 3d object into AE???

After Effects can barely handle 10-20 3D planes. Thats like 10-20 faces right? There is no way you will ever get decent performance out of After Effects with a full 3D model even if you had a magic script that imported the model.

After Effects is for footage and footage manipulation. Blender creates footage. The best schemes I have seen are to synchronize cameras between the two apps and render footage back and forth from either one. I typically go from Blender to After effects and rarely need to import a camera.

Sad for you then DAve T, as Blender just got rid of PSD and QT.

Photoshop can handle OBJs in a fairly limited fashion, but works well for simple logos and such. You can animate movies in PS now, and I’m wondering if you can create an animation from an OBJ – maybe… I’d need to give it a try…

In After Effects people who want to create 3D objects usually go with the “Invigorator” plug in. I know folks who are fluent in Maya or other 3D apps who also use invigorator simply for the convenience of staying within a single app ( for more info). Personally I don’t use it much since Blender can handle most of my needs.

Of course Blender will be able to give you a lot more than what you can pull out of Invigorator.