blender and blenderartists experiences

any experiences you went through when using blender or blenderartists… they can be funny; they can be useful…

i’ll start off…

>spend a few hours making an animation
>render it and go to bed
>wake up in the morning
>realize you pressed the Render instead of the Anim button

…lol. I have done this a few times myself - fortunately they have not been problematic . . . as blender is still a hobby for me. I’m sure there are horror stories about professionals . . . and imagine doing this in some big 3d company . . .

That happens to me too. I also hate when you render the wrong output, or there was some problem in between.

you’re supposed to post your own experiences…
here is another one:

>somebody asks for help in the modeling forum
>you prepare a long thorough post, possibly with pictures, to help them out
>click Submit Reply
>find out by the time you submitted your reply, someone else already helped them in a clear and concise way
>realize your work was redundant and unnecessarily long

>somebody asks for help in the modeling forum
>you prepare a long thorough post, possibly with pictures, to help them out
>click Submit Reply
>the screen turns white, and it says “loading”
>it stays like that for a looong time, then it says “stopped”
>when you hit “back”, your text is gone.

lol… good one ShnitzelKiller

> create a wild idea for a project
> get busy with school, work, life
> realize there is no time at the moment to start working on the project
> delay
> procrastinate
> …
> …
> nothing gets done :frowning:

overly ambitious short film recruitment
you join
pour ~5-10 hours into modeling
nothing beyond that ever gets done
project dies
never join a community short film project again

this one happened to me:

> Luxrender gets new features
> you create a test scene to discover them
> you create a plane as a “light emitter”
> play with settings and spend the next 3-4 hours doing test renders to compare the results
> they look very similar
> discover later that the normals of your emitter were facing the wrong way and therefore emit light in the opposite direction

What I’m experiecing now…

> Modeling a low poly character.
> After two hours body is finished.
> Want to start on the face.
>Goes online to find some reference of a old mans face.
> The only site that hosts human reference now requires a password to enter.
> You are stuck and can’t do anything but reply to every thread on blenderartist while you wait for some help…

>Download Blender
>Spend 6 hours a day learning Blender
>after many tutorials and small projects, start your own inspired ‘big’ project
>work 6 hours a day for 4 months on project
> release it to BlenderArtists
> NO views
> NO responses
>start a new project
>work 2 months on it
>release it to BlenderArtist
>NO views
>NO responses
>Realize that unless you’re already a famous artist, nobody gives a crap what you make in Blender.
>contemplate changing your name

I know this one. ;_;

well, azure_infinity, typically, you’re supposed to create art for your personal satisfaction and passion for art and not for other people… sure it would be encouraging to get good comments, but don’t make comments the goal.

here is a positive experience since most of the ones here seem to be negative…

> need to connect two meshes
> delete some vertices from both
> select any 4 vertices and create a face
> repeat last step for each other vert group
> realize it’s tedious
> wonder what options you have when you select a bunch of verts & press F
> see “Skin Faces/Edge-loops”
> try it

Enter your Film in 48 Hours competition. The team is just you and Blender.

It’s not as good as you hoped, but you get done in time.

The person organizing the Ozark Foothills Film Festival sees it and asks you if you will show it.

You get a month to fix it up and its shown at a Film Festival :smiley:

download the latest 2.50 build from graphicall
(this was just after the merging of the raytrace build)
wait several minutes for it to finish downloading
unpack it
start blender
delete cube, add sphere, change material type to volumetric
try to render
it crashes
try again, but without volumetric
crashes again
give up, wait several days for a new build

i think most of us can relate to that.
what you should do is make some photorealistic interior scenes, create a new BA account, and post the “first project” under finished projects
then let the attention roll in.