Blender and CAD

Hello every one, I been looking around how different blender CAD solutions has been going but I find it difficult due to there are so many of them that has been started up, does any one know about some blender cad that is still beeing worked on or have been taken far in development? Maybe some one know of some other opensorce 3d CAD tools avalible?

What I have found that seams most promessing at the time beeing is Freecad and qcad

Best regards/Thorack

Blender’s work flow is just not well suited for CAD work. I wouldn’t mind if more CAD like functionality was added in, but that would simply be for the purpose of a expanding the set of modelling tools.

Qcad is only 2D. (and it is old and unmaintained. LibreCAD is a fork of the code base for continued development: )

FreeCAD can do 3D.

BRL-CAD can do 3D Solid Modelling and is probably the most advanced open-source 3D-CAD available.

Ah okey tyvm for that information, seams to be a while until I can suggest to replace solidworks with any open source alternativ for the chef ^^ atleast I have implemented blender and gimp as it is now :slight_smile:

look at CADtools project - an advanced CAD system for Blender - actively developed and maintained.

Some good news from CADtools:

2012 October:
I have got valuable feedback about CADtools on Blender Conference this year. I have also talked with developers about further Blender development, especially about future of Blender’s GUI which is the main issue by porting CADtools to 2.6x. The good news is, there are plans to make the system more open for customization work.
Little progress with CADtools and DXF-importer recently, because of lack of quality development time. I haven’t had the opportunity to work over 3-5 days in one piece, so no complex stuff could be processed. It will look better in November I think.

Soon come:

2012 December:
Weeks of massive testing and bugfixing were needed to bring the DXF importer to stable production level. With a big portion of luck I was able to solve plenty of import issues, e.g. non-destructive import of BLOCK-hierarchies, preservation of LAYER structure, proper import of ELLIPSEs for any orientation matrix.
The new engine makes it possible to import DXF files of any largines and complexity with constant transfer rate which was since ever the most requested point by users. The 2.49b version is ready now. The 2.65 version will be ready in short (two weeks?).

(2013.01.02) …to be continued…