Blender and CFD simulations,

Hi to all members of group.
I am new in work with blender, even if in the past I use 3D Max for some personal projects.
I have some questions regard to implementation in Blender (on CFD module) of a new capabilites of simulations :
-Blender use OpenFOAM as solver for CFD ?
-how I can implement a new fields of CFD simulations using Python?
-exist some documentations about how to enter in Blender , for an existing module (in my case CFD), a new capabilities of simulations (new algorithms )?
-if I have possibility to upgrade the existing module of CFD from Blender, how I can link the new fields from Blender to solver of OpenFOAM?

I waiting with higher interest your answer, sugestion and recommendation.
Also any link about Python tutorials regard to usage on Blender is welcome.
Keep in touch.

this is very advance so
go to IRC dev and ask devs to help with that

let us know if there are new features added
would be nice !

happy bl

Good morning,

Thank you very much for feedback.
I will follow your advice.
Also, for me is important to know that Blender use OpenFOAM to made CFD simulation. I am sure that some other codes like Code_Salome and maybe others which use Python can be integrate as well in Blender.
The manner in which I will do it, or I will try to do it , depends by advice receive from more experienced developers in Blender. And more important think, the activity of this forum is very intense, which for me is translate in spent less time from an answer and solve more quick some trouble which will occur in process of integration OpenFOAM in Blender, with more capabilities of simulations than now.

Thank you again for promptitude in answer.
Keep in touch.