Blender and Cintiq

Has anyone used Blender with the 12 inch Cintiq? If so, what did you think of it?

well… I have a touchscreen laptop… and I love it to bits… but… working in blender you do want a keyboard nearby.

I use a 21ux myself (bought used for a job). I love it. Yes, you still probably will want the keyboard. I use the pen button as the right and middle mouse buttons, so combining the button with shift, control and option gives you great control over the camera.

One nifty trick if you can afford it; get a used Intuos 3 as well for your main monitor. The pen is compatible between the two tablets, and the drivers (on Mac and PC at least, probably Ubuntu as well) are smart enough to recognize multiple tablets running at once. You can work on your cintiq, as well as your main screen, without having to drop your pen or switch to the mouse.

That way, you can have your active modelling window take up the entire 12" cintiq screen, with additional windows, buttons and views open on your main monitor.

I don’t use a cintiq but I do use a wacom and I find it far easier than a mouse.

@KitsuneStudios: have you made experience with your ux21 under Ubuntu? How is it running compared to Win?

I’m afraid not.

My statement was based on the general consensus I’ve seen on forums while researching. Most of the comments about the Wacom on Linux seemed to mention the Wacom drivers with Ubuntu are pretty robust. I personally use a Mac with an XP Boot Camp partition for the occasional game or utility, so I haven’t tried it in linux myself.

Thank you very much for the information. :wink: