Blender and CNC?

Hello guys!

Finally I am trying to complete some real world task with BL.
Some question arose though: could anybody advice how to number and project onto flat surface
all these unique elements the bench consists of? Maybe somebody tried such manouvre? :wink:

Geometric nodes? Sverchok or what?

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It is very unlikely that you will produce any results that will be directly usable by CNC.
Even if you use some of the UV unwapping technigues that will not distort, you will then have to redraw the flattened mesh in a real CAD app that can export curves instead of line segments.

Consider outsourcing this to someone with Rhino (or similar) skills.

Thanks. I supposed so.
But unwrapping/numbering the segments is just enough to me.
I 'd outsource anyway for CNC preparation and machining.

…or at least how to autonumber the elements and unwrap properly?

Although you COULD do the unwrapping in Blender, I think it would NOT be a good idea.

The model should be constructed in a CAD application so that it is developable, meaning the surface will unfold with no distortion. That means building the model in a specific way considering sheetmetal material.

You should find someone skilled in Rhino or SolidWorks and understands sheetmetal design.

If you don’t understand “developable” that should be a clue to outsource.

Your re generally right ;).
I am an architect, i prepare relevant dwg’s and submit them to the other parties.
Non-distortion unwrap would be sufficient to me, I have made already relevant
plan dwg , dimensioned and divided into slats.
What Iam only missing is just /at best/ non-distortion unwrap/unfold of the curved bench
so I could present each and every slat along the unwrapped/unfolded curve and get idea about
their height.
Would be nice to use BL for that. The rest goes into shop/CNC preparation dwg;s which is not my scope…

I would say look at BlenderCam for some insight.
I use it for cnc’ing and it works a treat. It should be able to give you a very good idea as to what your output will be and can give you a file to share with the cnc shop.

Thx, still would be fun because i just switched again from Mint to Win. ))

Look at CNC examples of Sverchok
You can preparte layout that way so you got SVG file ready to cut on CNC or G code for 3dprinting


Woooah! Thats a news to me on Thursday work day , thx ));
What nodes for object input should I use?
Object In?

Are you doing arc or curve fitting to avoid sending many line segments to the CNC?

Not at all.
I repeat: Iam not sending to cnc.
Iam preparing dwgs of the profiles/organic shapes/ of the slats for the shop dwgs to be made by the 3rd party/subcontr.

path are sended
for svg it is better to prepare all in polygons or use node edgenet-to-path. if there are segments they may be chaotic ofcourse. there is node polygons sort and script node light with template sort edges...

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yes, object in and object in light

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If possible,maybe for future examples: just some more comments, hints in terms of possible adjusting, what specific group/frame executes…etc.

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