Blender and Coca

I was wondering if anyone knew if blender is going to stat using Cocoa any time soon? Or if it is already using it. Cool thanks a lot.


Odds are strongly against Blender ever supporting the native UI toolkits of any OS, unless someone branches off a new program with the Blender core and its own UI replacing the Blender UI code.

i think it probably will someday, as i believe its necessary for 64 bit support on macs,
and as ton owns a few macs i believe(and i think theres been some discussion on this subject),
could be wrong though.

Just wondering since a year has passed from the last post, any updates to this ?

a developer recently mailed the list asking about how to go forward with this and didn’t get any response.

Apple recently made the GCD (Grand Central Dispatch) OpenSource. AFAIK it has to do with if the code should run multi-thread or not and maybe even to do with OpenCL if the code should be ran on the CPU or the GPU.

There could be alot to gain from creating a parallell blender Cocoa project. Since alot of designers are on Mac and there’s not that many 3d suites that runs nativly on mac. it’s blender, maya and cinema4d.

I think blender could get a wider mac user group if done in Cocoa and tons of developers familiar with Objective-C from iPhone / Mac dev willing to jump the train.

aermartin, blender can use cocoa without having a parallel project, just need to port GHOST.
As for using Objective-C, similar arguments have been made for going with Java, but the size of the task + maintenance makes it prohibitive. + No existing blender devs are into Objective-C afaik.

Blender can take advantage of Clang and OpenCL without limiting it to macs.

I don’t believe anyone is advocating a complete rewrite to Cocoa, but rather the GHOST layer. This John Madstone person seems to believe it’s actually easier to do that than fiddling with Objective C++, trying to wrap what’s already there.

MrRage: Are you still actively developing this? Have you run into problems? It’d be nice to know how far along you are.

There could be alot to gain from creating a parallell blender Cocoa project.

…sounds like a suggestion for a separate project to me.

right, this isn’t needed, can use cocoa like carbon/x11 etc.

Its already in development for GHOST.

I think…

edit: Wiki

Cocoa Blender
Snow Leopard Update
I do apologize that I have not been able to give this project as much attention as it deserves, but my time has been limited. I’ve been running various versions of Snow Leopard over the last few months and blender still works in 10.6 when blender is built against the 10.6 or older SDK in 32 bit mode. 10.6 does produce a lot of warnings but still looks to work.

Getting blender to build against 10.5 or 10.6 SDK in 64 bit mode will require Cocoa.

Plan of Attack
Replace Carbon C++ classes from Ghost with Cocoa Objective C++ wrapper classes
Insert into creator.c a function call to start the Cocoa Event Loop, this function will have to block until an awakeFromNib call is issued by the NIB file. Once that is done it may unblock and continu

Items still remaining:

Update build systems to allow for Cocoa and built as a Universal Binary (CMake done, others close behind)
Finish writing Ghost Cocoa Wrapper methods (working on this now…)
Write Ghost File menu API (pending)